Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming of Age...Celebrate Life! - June 2008

All age transitions, births, and upcoming births will be posted under the new Coming of Age - Celebrate Life! threads.

In this update, I'm excluding Sims that should be Keva Michels (12), Kendra Bachelor (12), Kent Bachelor (4), and Ashanti Raphael (4).  Keva Michels and Ashanti Raphael transitioned too early (my mistake), and the others moved into town already at a transitional age. 

Viv Everett was surprised when Chuck called her into the nursery to show her a big blue fish rug he'd bought for the baby.  They didn't have much money to spend on a nursery, but they made the most of what they could buy.
"It's perfect, honey!"  She exclaimed.  Happily surprised that he'd bought anything at all for the baby - for one...and then thinking to herself, the rug barely matches anything in the room, but how much choice do you have when you're buying from thrift stores?  

"The baby's gonna love it!  Hopefully, he or she will one day run Everett Home Fishery, just like Daddy does."  Viv said enthusiastically.

In the last few months, Chuck, who has never wanted kids...has seemed to get more excited about this pending birth.  When she first found out, Viv tried to hide her pregnancy from him.
Chuck took the day off from his Dolphin Tank cleaning job to be with Viv on her due date.  He fluffed the pillows out on the sofa to make sure she was comfortable when her labor pains increased.
Soon, the time came for Vivienne to give birth.  She was glad, too...she hadn't written an article in the newspaper since March!  She's ready to get back to it.  Cameron had placed her on maternity leave, waaay too early in her opinion.  Possibly because he didn't want what happened to his wife, Stacy, to happen to her.

She'd had a smooth pregnancy and her delivery was no exception.  Dr. Dalton was there to assist her and everything went easily.

The beautiful baby girl was born Thursday, Simday 26, June 2008 at 3:20 p.m.  

Welcome to The Hills, Lindsey Darcel "Darcy" Everett
She's got her father's brown hair and brown eyes.

Kimberly Spencer is not getting as much bed rest as she should.  She's still obsessed with bringing her cooking skills up to par with her Chef husband, Sergio.  And she's succeeded!  When you make someone gain weight, you know you're doing it right!
"See, that's why I eat like a mouse, Elmer."  Sierra piped in with her two cents.  Elmer's been battling weight issues since he was a child.  He's not worried...he'll work it off before he leaves for college.

The Spencer baby is due next month, July 2008.

Over at the Wilsonoff apartment, Lydia is still not talking to Ray. Although she made it clear to him that she didn't want him to leave...that's a good sign, right?
He tries to keep a smile on his face, though...despite her cold shoulder. Once the baby gets here, he believes Lydia's temper will cool down and she won't be as pissed at him for having an affair with Erline Valdes and fathering her baby, Emilene Maree.

The Wilsonoff baby is due in August 2008.


Elmer Valdes, 19 yrs.
Erline Valdes, 19 yrs.


  1. Wow! I didn't realize how much Rashid looks like his mother!

    Lydia needs to make a decision. I know she's feeling slighted because another female had her husband's first born, but I would have been more concerned that it was with a minor. If she's gonna dump him, dump him. If you're going to keep him, keep him and make sure he kisses your behind every chance he gets.

  2. Ahhh, look at Rashid. He's turned into a fine looking young man. Aww and the new little baby! Welcome to the hood little one!

  3. Awwww welcome Darcy! Rashid did turn out to be fine huh? And Lydia needs to probably just leave her's so hard to get trust back once it's gone.....she'll be wondering where he is every moment that he isn't with her!

  4. Ahh, the blogger ate my comment! :(

    I love the mini update and look at the lives of the pregnant sims. I spent a lot of time staring at the photos and seeing the sims style really shine through.

  5. Does Ray chalk up Lydia's cold shoulder to pregnancy hormones?? I don't think that's going to get better on its own, although time does heal all wounds eventually.

    Chuck and Viv are SO cute, and it is sweet that although he wasn't excited initially,he even helped surprise her with nursery stuff and stayed home with her.

  6. Chuck and Viv are adorable. I think Viv may be one of the cutest pregnant Sims ever. I'd make her have another baby, just so I could see her waddling around again!

    Elmer's belly is rivalling Kimberly's there! Too funny!

    The kids are all so cute but I think Hannah is so beautiful, especially.