Friday, June 22, 2007

Stacy Masters - Simday 15

33 simyears old, (06/22/07):

I had a babygirl on Simday 11. We named her Tyisha. I'm absolutely estatic! I love being a Mom! So much so, we're expecting again!

I told Cameron not too long after we first moved in...Tyisha was still an infant. He was a little startled, to say the least. We've only got 2 bedrooms here. I guess our 1st night in our new home; we got a little clumsy....what can I say?

I should've known I was pregnant, because I always get this craving for Potato Dumplings. My aunt used to make them when I was little, and now that's all I eat!

Aside from starting a small garden for the Food Expo...I organized a Yard Sale so we could finally get rid of Cam's flashy 70's furniture. I am so sick of looking at that stuff. We've been doing pretty good so far, too. I just went for it, and marked everything up really expensive. I'm having trouble getting rid of some of the high ticket items, and had to mark some stuff down...but, it's all beginning to sell. We're making some good money!

Asya was the only Founder to come out and support us. I heard she might be looking for her own place. But, I can't blame anyone else for not showing up. I wouldn't want this stuff, either.

She ended up not buying anything.

I am so glad my Food Expo speech is over! I talked about gardening at home....who am I to speak on such a thing? I thought I was gonna throw up. The only reason I started a garden was because Cam' asked me to. No one besides Sergio has a garden here in the, I guess I had to step up. And,'s a lot of hard work! But, I am proud of my little tomato plants! I can't wait to harvest them.

Cameron Masters - Simday 15

41 simyears old, (06/22/07):

We finally moved out of the Cedar Two Flats building! That's right...I bought us a house. I had dinner with Ed and Rita the night before we left. Stacy was too tired. I didn't realize the baby would arrive the next morning.

I'm really gonna miss them...they've been very nice neighbors.

What a great feeling to be able to buy a home for your family! At one point in my life, I didn't have enough money to pay the rent, and the next thing I knew...I had a wife, who was loaded, and now...a kid!

"So long, Valdes family! You guys hold it down over here!" We said our goodbyes to them, and left for good.

The house is small, but it's what we could afford. I don't know what we'll do when the new baby comes....ooops, didn't I mention it? Stacy's pregnant again.

We don't believe in wasting any time. Heh heh. Tyisha needs a sibling. She is the love of my life! She's so beautiful! I told Stacy I'm glad she takes after her. But, Stacy thinks she looks just like me. She's definitely got my brown eyes.

This period went by so fast. I wasn't able to skill as much as I would've liked to.

We started our Food Expo, and I was the Master of Ceremonies. Stacy made a speech, and even though she was nervous as hell...she pulled through. I'm proud of her.

I even like the way she decorated our house. The purple ceilings made me sick at first, but now I've warmed up to 'em.

I keep thinking to myself, when am I going to wake up, life has turned out so good to me.