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Coming of Age...Celebrate Life! - July/August 2008

Kimberly had grown tired of carrying this baby and being on so-called bedrest. It was HOT outside and keeping up with the chores on a farm, is all the more aggravating in the heat. She had adamantly insisted Sergio stay home from working the Fresh Market one evening; Let one of the girls run things for a night!  She wanted to move this pregnancy along.

They had spent most of the evening in bed talking about the store...about the farm...and everything to do with the heat index and its effect on the veggies' growth, despite being cultivated in a greenhouse....Wheww!  Kimberly was bored of the subject, but let Sergio drag on, as a good wife does, sometimes - I said, sometimes.  But, she couldn't ignore the fact that it was getting late.  She had to turn things up a notch or Sergio would never get a clue! 
So off came her clothes.  And Sergio got the message loud and clear, and followed her lead!

What she wasn't bargaining for was that her hard-working husband had a lot of pent up 'frustrations' that even he didn't realize!  He was a beast under the sheets!  It turned out to be a nearly 30-minute session!  Heyyy...that's a long time for a 52 year-old man, that works as hard as Sergio does!  He doesn't get any num-num that often!  LOL!
Needless to say, labor started almost immediately...I guess the baby was provoked enough to make its entrance, after all that 'activity'.
Sierra heard Kim's screams and went to call Dr. Dalton around 11:30 p.m., however, the answering service stated the doctor couldn't be reached at that hour, which was unusual.  Usually Trinity's on call 24/7.  But she had taken this night off to spend with her family.

Both of them were second-guessing their decision to help this baby along, at that point.  Why were there no other doctors in Simmington Hills after 26 years?  Sergio wondered to himself.

When their son was delivered, Sergio was the first in line to hold his new baby boy.

He couldn't believe that he had come so quickly and easily.  If he had known it was that easy, he would've delivered all his kids himself.

When Kimberly started breathing heavily again, Sergio was a bit confused..."What's wrong, Kim?"  He asked nervously.

"I think there's another one!"  Kimberly said between short, staccato breaths.  "O mah shtepue!  O mah SHTEPUE!!"

Sergio had never heard her scream like that!  But he remembered the last time this happened...Kim had done the same thing with the heavy breathing, only when she delivered the baby back then, it didn't live. (The baby girl disappeared from the UI, actually, and never came back.)  But this time, before any of them could come to grips with the fact that another baby was coming, Kimberly had already popped her out!
Talk about being overjoyed!  A little girl!  Kimberly's been wanting another girl ever since losing Shauna.  (Twins must run in Kim's family, because I didn't do a thing to cause twins.)

Sierra and Shaun expressed their excitement over the two new babies.

You've probably guessed by now...these twins were born a day apart! 
Welcome to the Hills, Samuel King Spencer!  Born Saturday, Simday 26, July 2008, at 11:51 p.m.
He's got Kimberly's black hair and Sergio's brown eyes.

We also welcome little miss Sophia Melina Spencer!  Born Sunday, Simday 26, August 2008, at 12:11 a.m.
She's got somebody's brown hair...huh?! And Sergio's brown eyes.  (Where did that brown hair come from!?  Do Townies have dominant and recessive genes of their own?)

Ray Wilsonoff was trying to make Lydia laugh with his, "I'll cater to you" attitude.  He was willing to rub her feet, her lower back, wash her hair, whatever she needed during this labor she was going through. 

When he bowed to her, turned Lydia off.  It made her feel like he was making a mockery of her; that he wasn't being sincere.  But Ray was merely trying to bring back memories of their honeymoon in Kimikura.

"Uhhh, I gotta go lie down.  'Scuse me."  She said coldly.

Okay, maybe he overdid it just a little.  Lydia left to go take a nap while her labor pains were minimal.  Dr. Dalton would be coming over in a couple hours to get the delivery going.  She had asked Lydia if it was alright to bring S'Ahmisa Warwick with her.  S'Ahmisa and Ray are second cousins, for those that don't know.  (Ray's paternal grandmother, Alia, and S'Ahmisa's paternal grandmother, Elle, married brothers way back when.)

Lydia's sister Maxine Wise couldn't be there.  Maxine was out of town all summer, finishing her college degree and Board certifications; something the Board of Education is enforcing on her because of her role in the private school system.  And, she wanted some type of family there, so she agreed for S'Ahmisa to come, as long as the teenager didn't get freaked out.  'Cause that would freak Lydia out.

As Ray greets S'Ahmisa, Trinity tries to explain what's going to happen next.  Her labor pains are coming more closer together, and Lydia was sort of panicking and trying to keep it together at the same time.

The main thing Trinity told her to do was breathe through those contractions and focus on something.

And Lydia was a trooper, never losing her focus for a second...despite S'Ahmisa's screams.  LOL!  She kept her eyes focused straight ahead and pushed.

When her little girl was born, all Lydia could do was stare at the beautiful baby.

All Ray could do was...

Think of Erline.

Are you kidding me, Ray??!?

I'm sure he's a very proud father of two, now, surely he is...Two girls! In just a few short months, if you think about it!  And to show his love and support to Lydia, he did something very special.  He named their little girl's first name after his beloved grandmother, rest her soul.

Welcome to the Hills!  Alia Shae Wilsonoff!  Born Monday, Simday 26, August 2008, at 4:24 p.m.

She's got Lydia's red hair and brown eyes, and a medium my delightful surprise!!  (I love those Maxis In Between Skintones by JoyLyn, at N99 Forum, for this very reason...they're genetic.)

Lydia promised little Alia she'd do everything in her power to be the best Mom she could be.  Even though things seemed a bit bleak at the moment..."Don't you worry, Alia.  I'm going to give you the world."  She said as tears rolled down her face.

Lydia had refused Ray's request for a babyshower, thinking it would be too awkward to have Sims over; asking her questions about Erline and her baby, Emilene...she just didn't want to go through that.  Ray had wanted his sister Rebecca and cousin Fiona to come and celebrate with them...but all Lydia could do was look around their apartment and see how much 'Becks and Fiona have already done for them.  It seemed like they couldn't do for themselves, and Lydia hated that.  And, she hated Ray for ruining all her expectations.  Not to mention Rebecca and Julio's health troubles with little Ana Rayne...they couldn't leave their baby to come here.

Ray came in and saw Lydia crying.  He looked around and noticed how empty the room was. 
He promised them both that he'll break his back if he has to, to get more money so that Alia will have the nursery she needs.   Lydia's tired of hearing his empty promises.

The babies have the same onesie on because I was too lazy to get out of the game, change defaults and wait to load the game up again just to play Ray and Lydia's birth event.  I was already in, and both families like the same/similar hey.  *smiles*

Not trying to garner sympathy for them or nothing...heh.  But, Lydia and Ray have got a little over $385 bucks to their name!  They bought that crib but can't afford anything else.  Poor couple.  The good news is, they'll have another tax deduction come next year!  LOL!  I'm seriously gonna have to get Ray back into his bakery.  I haven't played Saint Rose's Bakery since I started this hood over.  *covers eyes*  Maybe he'll start bringing some good money home with those perks!

Random Shot:
Look who decided to walk by the apartment just after I took that last photo of Ray and Lydia in the nursery, above...Lydia had just walked into the livingroom to answer the phone, and I happened to look outside.....

Can you believe that?!!  Ray must've truly 'thunk' her up!  LOL! 

Sometimes this game loves to crack it's own jokes, doesn't it?!  I had to laugh.  My mind started racing...what if I had her ring the doorbell?!  LMAO!  Nahh, but I didn't.  She walked on home.

This just in! SimFedXPress delivered the following:

C/O Lydia, Ray and Alia Wilsonoff
From:Apple Valley
Sent:Thu 5/20/10 
To:Simmington Hills, Willow County
Congratulations on your new daughter, Alia.
You chose a wonderful and strong name, here's to little Alia doing so much more than grandmom Alia was able to do.
We're including some items for Alia's nursery so that Lydia can be comfortable as well in the nursery.
~Fiona, Jesse, Veronika, Jessica, Jennifer and Jeremy Kent (brown since it's Lydia's favorite color)


C/O Ray and Lydia and Alia Shae Wilsonoff‏
From:Apple Valley
Sent:Thu 5/20/10
To:Simmington Hills, Willow County
We are thrilled with the arrival of the newest Wilsonoff.
We are sure that Alia will grow into a dynamic young woman.
Included is a package of goodies that all new parents need.
Julio, Rebecca, Amanda, Abel and Ana Rayne
Click to view full size
Lydia's heart leaped for joy upon opening the boxes!!  Ray couldn't wipe his tears fast enough as they both opened the boxes together in the livingroom.  Object after object, the couple was overjoyed at what seemed to be a fresh start, once again...even if only for the moment.  Things got a little bit, 'hopeful'.  

THANK YOU for your kind thoughts, Fiona and Jesse Kent, and Rebecca and Julio Wilsonoff! You have no idea how much we appreciate this!

-- Lydia, Ray and Alia


  1. My mouth dropped open when I saw he was thinking of Erline when HIS WIFE was busying giving birth of his child.

    "If he had known it was that easy, he would've delivered all his kids himself." Really, Sergio? I doubt that you were the one who delivered. Easy? Ha!

  2. LOL @ Sergio's 30 minutes of bliss.....hey, in sim time that's quite a while! And it was enough motion in the ocean to kick start her labor.....did you know they were having twins beforehand or were you equally surprised? Ray is just a screw up all around! Who thinks of the mistress he got pregnant while his wife is giving birth? I feel bad for Lydia and Alia because I just don't see this working out too good!

  3. Eeekk! Alia is so cute! I'm a blubbry mess over here with excitement! Alia is gonna be the most beautiful little girl ever, but then again I'm biased ^_^

    S'Ahmisa...really, could you be anymore of a distraction :P Hmm, maybe they can convince S'Ahmisa to babysit while she's there so that Ray and Lydia can go out to discuss their future...should be interesting.

  4. ROFL I love Sergio. You go head delivering your own baby. LOL My cousin did that. They couldn't make it to the hospital in time, so he gathered around the other kids while he helped his wife have, I think baby number 6. I was crakin up. All the kids lined up to help and watch.

    And twins too boot! Wow, that's awesome. And good luck with trying to figure out where that brown hair came from. LOL Maybe that is a recesive gene that townies have. IDK.

    And Lydia and Ray have such a beautiful little girl. I can't wait to see her as a toddler. Well, all three of them actually.

    And Ray thinking of Erlin while Lydia was giving birth! How rude! I can't believe him. But maybe he was thinking that he now has two beautiful little girls and the women who birthed them. LOL

    I hope things get better for them. Not just for the baby's sake, but for Ray to show Lydia that he means business and that he really wants to give her the world, and make things right between them!

    Welcome to Simmington Hills little ones!!!

  5. LC - Your mouth dropped?! You should've seen MY whole face! I couldn't believe him!! If he keeps this up, I don't know, he might be saying goodbye to Lydia (I'd be so mad, all that effort I put into their wedding. :P) Seems like he wants to be in the dog house for the rest of his life. LOL!

    I knew Serg would piss some mothers off with that comment. Heheee. He's a mess...always got an opinion about something.

    Mizz - Yeah! 30 mins. I watched the clock! LOL! Yes, I knew they were having twins, but by accident. I had gone in to change Kimberly's pregnancy to her 2nd trimester for the "Mommies To Be" thread and found out about SHOCKED! I was so shocked by it, I almost freaked out because they don't have room. Then I thought about that loft style landing they have on the 2nd floor, where all their hobby stuff is. Plenty of room for the twins there.

    I don't see it working out for Ray and Lydia, either. I must admit. He's really letting me down. I couldn't believe he was thinking of Erline! You know he could've just as well thought of Emilene, the baby, if he was truly wanting's not like they don't think of infants. LOL!

    AV - When that baby popped out light-skinned, I 'bout died of surprise! I forgot my skin defaults could do that. And, I was so happy she took an in-between skintone mixture of them both. She IS a precious little thing, that's for sure! I'm just as happy as you are!! You and I been thinking about this since what...2007?! LOL!

    S'Ahmisa's just everywhere, isn't she?! She's getting her money's worth in The Hills, I tell ya! LOL! I doubt I'll play her babysitting; although that is a very tempting idea...she's got 1 more internship update and then she's outta here. I'm kind of O.D.'ing on S'Ahmisa now. Hahhaha...('specially since she ain't acting right.)

    I won't be playing Ray and Lydia's household until May 2009, sadly. I might pop in and do a mini-update before then...if I have room for it on my schedule.

    RD - You've got some of the most interesting RL stories, girl!! LOL! I love it!

    I can't wait to see all 3 babies, too, - AND -Erline's baby. *shudders* I'm a little scared how Emilene's gonna turn out. hahhaha.

    I tried to justify Ray thinking of Erline, the same way you describe, but I couldn't. He didn't think of Emilene...he thought of Erline! Sims know how to think of infants, especially the ones that are their own! And how 'bout Erline coming by there?! What are they trying to tell me?! The obvious, right?! Man...I'm fluxed over them, I mean it.

    We shall see what happens come May 2009, if he means business or not. I'm not going to dilly-dally...I'm really going to be studying everything they do and say and think. LOL!

  6. Oh man, Ray! He still doesn't seem to realise the gravity of this situation if he's thinking about Erline while Lydia is giving birth. I wonder how much longer Ray and Lydia will last.

    But three new babies is always a nice thing, so happy birthday, little ones!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Tell me about it Carla, he seems to be taking this so lightly!

    Well, I had to add Ray and Lydia's gifts to the update. What a wonderful surprise!! Maybe this will make things least they'll be able to really enjoy the baby now, with improved surroundings. Thanks so much, AV.

  9. Oh man, I feel for Lydia... out of everyone she deserved a baby shower, and her little limelight, and celebration of her first child was completely stolen with the baby drama with Erline. Then to have Ray thinking of Erline while she's having his kid!! I totally did a double take, I couldn't believe it.

    So sweet that the Kents sent something, that set is really adorable.

    I LOVE the in between skintone, how perfect is that! I haven't had one that is quite as obvious, but I hope to in the near future.

    I'm looking forward to seeing who Sophia looks like, she'll be a unique sweetie with her brown hair.

  10. Maisie - You took the words right out of my heart. If anyone deserved some limelight, it truly is Lydia. It's so sad! But, I think what AV did really helped. It made ME feel better, I know that! LOL!

    I thought with Sophia Spencer, readers would think maybe Kimberly had stepped out on Sergio or something! LOL! But she hasn't!! A part of me thinks these brown eyebrows might be a glitch, who knows! *smiles*

  11. I really do love this story and the addition of Apple Valley sending gifts to the family just made it even more special! I love this!

    I won't even comment on Ray thinking of "the other woman" during the time of the birth. All I have to say is "REALLY??"

    Congrats on the babies, though! I hope they make it through these tough times. Let us know if there is anything we can do at Chocolate City.