Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm unable to post comments to my own blog, guys!  Blogger has an issue that seems to be happening to lots of other bloggers out there as well.  When I hit submit to post my comment, an error page comes up stating:


Who knows what it means...??  I have written and posted my issue on the Blogger Help Forum (along with tens of other people), with no response.

I appreciate all of your comments, and since you take the time to respond to my updates, I think it's only right that I share the comment I took the time to write.  So, despite my current difficulties...I'm posting my comment here.  :P

Call it what you will...tacky,'s my blog.  I need to move on from this issue before it has me pulling my hair out!  It doesn't take much to make me frustrated nowadays.

My comment in response to your wonderful messages for Coming of Age...Celebrate Life! - June 2008
LC, I'm so surprised you've never seen Rashid and Tomika's resemblance until now!  I've ALWAYS thought he looked like Tomika.  He's got her facial structure (eye shape, etc.) and his Dad's nose, I think.  But the other two...they belong to Daddy for sure! LOL!  No doubts about them. hahaha!

I agree with your comment about Lydia.  Absolutely.  She is definitely concerned about Ray liking teenagers, and asked him if he had a problem back in November, before they got married.  He denied it of course.  But, I'm gonna say this...he has always, always gravitated towards teenagers in my game.  I don't know why that is, but I noticed the minute he moved into town.  He heart-farts for every young girl that walks by him!  I hope he's over it now, though.  Surely, he's learned his lesson.

One things for sure...I can't wait to get to their household's rotation.  Just to see what happens!  You gotta remember, Lydia just found out about Ray fathering Emilene around the end of's only barely the beginning of July now.  So it's been a little over a month since she got the crippling news that he lied to her about he and Erline's affair happening only once, five years ago.

She'll make her decision after her baby is born, I'm sure.  I want to look at them in action and see what kinds of things spring up.  Heck, she might decide to keep him...I figure right now, she's not wanting to have this baby by herself.  She wants Ray to be there.  She's too family-oriented to even consider putting him out, at this point. (Because of her traits, not her aspirations.)

RD and Mizz, Rashid IS fine, isn't he?!  I'm so proud of that boy.  *smiles at her little pixel son*  LOL!

RD, I hope you can find those dimples you were telling me about.  That's how I picture him, too!  They would be perfect!

Mizz and LC, I can also imagine that Lydia will be playing 'detective' a lot being that she's so adventurous, and that's no way to live...always checking behind somebody.  LOL!  However, she gets caught up a lot in her own thinking (she's absent-minded)...and that tends to keep her from really dealing with the present situation, also.

AV, thanks so much for saying you can see my Sims' style.  I really appreciate it.  I try very hard to consider their financial situations, their preferences and personalities and put that into their homes and in their choice of clothes.

Francesca, yes Ray does.  He thinks that she's going through a roller coaster ride of emotions right now because she's pregnant.  Ray is a book smart genius, but he has no common sense, poor guy..I've said that about him a lot.  He knows his wife's sensibilities lean towards keeping her family he's banking on that right now.

I love Chuck and Viv.  They are so loving and loyal to each other.  It's funny...Viv came from my old hood.  She used to be the poor, trailer park living, single woman/borderline insane, who used to clean houses for a living.  She'd come to some of my wealthier Sims' homes as their maid.  LOL!  I'm pretty happy that I gave her an opportunity to be more than that in this Simmington Hills hood.  She really does shine.

Carla, I think they are VERY adorable.  I made Viv based on a model's photo I found online.  (Donna Blair, too)  I truly hope they have another baby, in fact, I'm reaaaallly hoping.  I think they're both SO attractive!  But like a lot of players, I don't interfere with that part of the game, unless they both roll the Want to Have a Baby..then I might make it happen for them the Maxis way...but otherwise, I just let ACR do it's magic.

Chuck never rolled the Want to Have a Baby (Viv did, but I didn't do anything about it)...I figured Chuck wanted them to concentrate on their fish farm and on Viv's journalism career.  Viv wants to travel a lot, so a baby wouldn't be conducive for that...however, ACR stepped in and brought them little Darcy, despite what Chuck wanted.  LOL!  Maybe this will make them a little more open for more babies.  *smiles*

That little Hannah is a doll.  I love AZsimmer's VanHouten family.  They've got the Maxis eyes, I think...I use defaults.  But even though I'm not a fan of the big glassy-looking eyes, I think it's so cute in the VanHoutens' case, because it makes them so different from other Sims in my hood.  I'm in love with each one of them, the brothers, too...although I haven't gotten to know the toddler girls, yet.  I do know that Maxsim's daughter, Hannah, seems to be a little smarter than the others.  AZ said she felt the same way.  We'll see how their personalities evolve as they get older.

Thanks everyone for reading and posting!  (If any new comments are made, I'll add my response here as well.)


  1. Hopefully Blogger will get everythign worked out. I've been having problems with comments for a week and a half now.

  2. Egh, that sucks that blogger is acting weird. You're posting comments the same way that you do on other blogs?

  3. Hmmm, that seems to be a different issue than what I'm having but I am definitely having problems with comments lately as well. Blogger needs to get on this!