Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sabien Cunningham, Sr. - Simday 20

46 simyears old:

I'm back to work and in full-swing. I'm mentally exhausted, though. It's been a whirlwind of issues going on in this hood, and I'm trying to keep it all from sinking.

I go to the courthouse down in SimCity everyday, trying to work out a deal to ship prisoners from there to Willow Co. Jail, instead. I'm doing a lot of speaking on my wife's behalf, because she has no authority in getting the monies needed and the agreements signed. We have a beautiful new facility that needs to be used.

Later in the day, I have to come back to the Hills and work in my own courthouse. You heard right, our new City Hall has a Courthouse! They don't call me Judge C. for nothing!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tomika Cunningham - Simday 20

46 simyears old:

I don't have to tell you what a hard time we've been through lately. Before the hurricane, it was the talk of the town about me and Ed Valdes. There's nothing going on with me and Ed...just some harmless flirtations, it's all a joke. ( I sure wish I knew who gave the paper that photo of me and him at the car lot.) But I mess with Ed like that! Been doing that since their first Halloween Party! He's so gullible when it comes to a woman's charms. I never meant it to be hurtful or cause 'Rita to be offended. I noticed how she was staring at us at the campsite. I thought to myself, 'You don't have to stare so hard, 'Rita. I'm not trying to take your man.'

Geez, if my own husband isn't phased by it, neither should she be. She and I are alright, though. There's kind of an unspoken tension between us, but we're more than civil with each other, and she knows that I flirt with Ed in jest.

Rashid Cunningham - Simday 20

15 simyears old:

Ok, ok...I gotta hurry. Here's my journal, folks.

I know Marchon talkin' mess about me in his journal. Well for your information, I got an A+ in school, right now. So there.

Marchon Cunningham - Simday 20

13 simyears old:

I finally get my time to shine. See, most people think I'm shy and withdrawn; non-sociable. But that is not true. I'm more outgoing than everybody in my family, 'cept for little brother, SayJ. (We went fishing the other day and he spit this rap that he's been working on. He improvises and it just came flowing out of him. I was shocked that it was actually pretty good! He's only six.)

Now, I can't do that. He's got his own thing. My thing is...why waste time talking about what you're gonna do, why not just do it?