Sunday, February 1, 2009

Charles "Chuck" Everett - Simday 25

30 simyears old, Fall 2007

I'm the new fisherman in town. I made a contract with Kimberly Spencer to produce 5 crates of fish every season, except winter. Once my obligation was filled for Fall 2007, I was able to get a job as an Oceanographer. We made $1,633 off those crates. Not bad, but not good either considering we're $70,000 in debt.

I've been trying to think of ways I could make some extra money. My bootleg juice is the meanest batch this side of SimCity. I could sell it, but I don't think it's legal.

I'll have to see what our Spokesim has to say about it. I met his wife the other simday, when I went to City Hall to fill out my application for the Oceanography job. Nice lady. Very "official". She was surrounded by other Sims, and I didn't think it was the right time to bring it up, so I didn't.

For now, me and my wife, Viv, enjoy it on occasion. It gets the kinks out, you know what I mean?

Shoot, I'm a happy drunk. I dance and act a fool.

As for my makes her poot, poor thing. haha!

I wasn't counting on it making her pregnant. Ok. I know bootleg juice don't make a woman pregnant. But it certainly took me outta pocket. I usually make sure we don't make any mistakes...this time, I just wasn't thinking. Maybe I didn't care?

When we got married I made an agreement with her we'd never have kids. I knew she wanted 'em, but I'm no good with kids. So what's changed? I keep askin' myself that. I'm feeling a lot more relaxed, I'm doing what I've always wanted to And I just had my 30th birthday. Maybe that has somethin' to do wit' it.

Viv looks more terrified everysimday. I see her trying to hide it from me. I sit right beside the bathroom door burning a hole in my laptop keyboard trying to surf the web for Angling sites. I sit there so much, I burned my computer out. We had to buy another one. I'm sayin' all this to wife is in and out that bathroom at least 10 times a simday. She can't make it to the one in our, she's all the time throwing up in our guest bathroom.

Does she honestly think I can't hear her in there? What does she think I'm gonna do? Leave her?!

I can't even kiss her nowadays, without her running for the toothpaste first.

I'll let her squirm for a little while longer, just for the hell of it. Then I'll ease her mind.

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