Tuesday, April 17, 2007

NOTES - Medical - Simday 10

The hospital got it's first big case last night. Nick Michels was admitted for poisoning. I'm happy to have the medical facility in place to treat him. It was built just in time.

At this point, he's resting and his vitals are becoming more stable. I can't say more than this, the investigation is still underway. It's already been admitted to the paper that Sim'Ce Le Bon Red Wine was what he drank.

--Trinity Higgins, M.D., Medical Advisor

Monday, April 16, 2007

Trinity Higgins - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (04/16/07):

What a week! It started off with the opening of Simmington Hills Medical Center. I'm very proud of it.

Sabien worked real hard to follow through on his promise to provide adequate health care for all of our sitizens. Not a moment too soon, either. As you all know, Nick Michels was poisoned Simday 9. It must've been fate looking out for him, as I was visiting he and Honey on that dreadful night. I was able to get him to the hospital fast!

I have never stopped loving Nick, even though he made his choice clear enough to me...I didn't want to believe that he and Honey could really be happy together. But, having dinner with them, and rekindling our friendship, really helped me see that they were meant for each other. I told Honey that I was genuinely happy for them...and had vowed in my heart to move on from that moment.

In the next brief moment, all of that was tested after Nick collapsed. I felt as if my world was about to end. It was all I could do to keep from hugging and kissing him as he slept in his hospital room. I couldn't believe the magnitude of my emotions as I watched him sleep. It was as if every conviction I had about leaving him alone, just a few minutes earlier, had disappeared.

I knew then, that I had a serious problem. I had to let my love and respect for Honey, her unborn child...anything I could summon up, give me some balance on the situation. I was the doctor...not the wife, or the lover. And nothing I was feeling could compare to what Honey was going through. I could hear her screaming and praying all the way downstairs in the hospital lobby area. I had to tell her to take it easy...she needs to be strong for the little one she's carrying inside her. The whole night gave me a new appreciation for love and relationships. Honey and I have never been closer. She comes by for a morning cup of coffee with me before I go to work...well, in her case, she has juice.

I've been able to truly apologize to her for my behavior, and I believe we've become tight friends again.

She keeps edging me on towards Keith Dalton. (smiles) He's a wonderful man, and he has been the most supportive to me during this stressful week!

We had a bad rainstorm and I got leak in my kitchen ceiling that was dripping down onto the countertops, making a mess...

Keith dropped everything to come over and patch it up for me. He even brought spackle and paint. It wasn't long before I began feeling for him...he's contagious! After he left, I found this sitting on my television...

A poetic loveletter! Well, that just took me over the edge! I was ready to take the relationship to the next level. I desperately need to break that intimate bond I have with Nick. Soul ties....can be a bitch. I've never been with anyone else.

I got my bedroom ready....lit up an intoxicating incense, and put on my sexiest outfit. Then I made my little late night call....you know the kind I'm talking about! LOL!

When Keith got here, we spent about an hour kissing and talking outside before we realized that time had passed. We fell in love.

It was an incredible night.

So much so that I proposed engagement to him and asked him to move in.

Gawwd, he's gorgeous! And he's the Vice President of Sim City Furniture. A VP...I told you I love an ambitious man.

I hope to have a huge wedding.

(...closes this journal before I start to freak - I'm 10 YEARS OLDER than this guy! - If this is a dream, I reaaalllly don't wanna wake up.)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

NOTES - Politics - Simday 10

Money Well Spent

This period, we are seeing SH take on a whole different look. It's growing! We have built several new buildings, especially along Magnolia Street. A new hospital and also a cemetery. But, the most exciting news is that we have two new fun spots to visit! Ice skating and roller skating rinks! Our new Homemaker Advisor, Emerita Valdes, did a lot of negotiating with the SimCity Neighborhood Partnership Planners to see that SH had some fun places to go with their families. So, we thank her.

Our budget is not strong enough on it's own yet (just not enough income coming in), and I refuse to raise taxes at this point...Sims are struggling as it is.

We had to get another infusion of cash ($700,000) from SimCity Trust. The NPP allows for it as long as we need it, and as long as our town has less than 50 residents.

I will probably institute a business tax of some sort, aside from the Employee Hiring Tax...being that there are new businesses in the area, and the Hood needs help. This of course, would need to be voted on.

--Judge Sabien Cunningham, Spokes Sim

Friday, April 13, 2007

NOTES - Politics - Simday 8

New Bank and Banking Procedure

Simple is better. After a long meeting at City Hall, all of the Founders agreed that the Administration would relinquish it's ownership of Bank of America to allow the Sim City Trust to financially support and manage our bank. Any monies owed by the Administration will be paid out. Any old loans made out under Bank of America will be tossed out and refinanced through the new bank. The bank will still be ran by Nick Michels.

After Sergio Spencer's much publicized disagreement with the loan procedures, many complaints were filed about the Individual Account System being the only method used by the bank. Sims wanted a more hands-on way to deal with their finances. They brought their grievances to City Hall.

**It will no longer be necessary to open an Individual Account.**

Mr. Michels worked hard to find an alternative for us. He made a deal with SimModBoard and Sim City Trust. So, as of Simday 8, Sim City Bank is taking over Bank of America. The old Bank of America building will be demolished, the cost of that property will be liquidated into the Administrative Budget, and a new and bigger building will be erected. The building may actually be too big for our small neighborhood, but I like to think that we will grow into it.

Some folks opted that we move the bank to a totally different location, so it would not overshadow our wonderful City Hall. I'm all in favor of that, but I don't want it to be too far away from City Hall, seeing as I have a lot Admin. business to conduct. I've decided to have it built right before the curve in the road on West Magnolia, at 221 W. Magnolia.

The Council agreed.

From now on, any Sim, Settled-In or Immigrating, can gain a bank account right away. Therefore, they can get loans and BC's without waiting 5 simdays. They can take out loans according to what they can afford, and pay it back in 25 simdays. There are repercussions with the RepoMan if they can't pay back their debts. The bank book and credit card both keep track of all your banking transactions.

Edit: After touring the new bank, I see that it has a wonderfully large Personnel Conference Room, where all of the Founders can meet for regular Council Meetings. I move that we hold our future meetings there, and the current conference room inside City Hall should be changed to a chapel for couples to marry. The cost for marriages at City Hall will be $500. That same room can also be used for press conferences, if needed.

Cedar Homes Project

The Cedar Homes Project is the answer to affordable homes for families/couples desiring the privacy and space of living in their own home, and the affordablity of a subsidized rental property. Located in the Cedar Flats area, the rent is only *$192 per Adult, per day. Children and Teens is *$96, per day. The rent is due on the 5th simday before 6 pm. *See Simday 5 Notes for any questions. The Apartment Life deal signed during 4th Period (Simdays 16-20) does not change this rental agreement.

REVISED: June 2008 - Round 2008. The new time relevance requires a change to the rent on Cedar Homes properties. The NEW subsidized rental rate is based on the *old rates shown above and the new two-year rotation.

Cedar Homes rent is $6,912/per household, to be paid every two simyears, regardless of how many Sims are in the household. [The formula is: 192 + 96 = 288 x 12(mos. in a year) = 3,456 x 2(simyears each rotation) = $6,912.]

The rent breaks down to $288/month; an extremely affordable rate for the comforts of a private home.

Renting at Cedar Homes: (Revised Simday 26)

-Yards are to be kept up by the tenants. A fine will be incurred every 5th simday, if the yard is overgrown with weeds, any stray/owned dogs dig holes, garbage is left out, and shrubs need trimming. (Revised Simday 25: having leaves will no longer be fined, and fines are incurred at the end of every rotation, due to new Time Relevance system.)

-You may beautify your landscaping. This includes being able to add swimming pools.
-You can hire a gardener to take care of your landscaping/gardens. At your cost.
-Changes cannot be made to the exterior walls of these buildings, unless you've been given permission by the Administration.
-You may paint the interior walls, and change the floors. At your cost.
-Sims can live here for only 14 consecutive simdays. (7 simyears) 
(Revised Simday 26)  There is no longer a time limit on how long a Sim lives in Cedar Homes.

--Sabien Cunningham, Spokes Sim

Nick Michels - Simday 8

34 simyears old, (04/13/07):

Since I last wrote in my journal, a lot of things have changed. Things I never thought would happen....have happened.

I went from being a dog, to being a husband. It was like I had changed overnight! I can't deny that Honey makes me feel good. She knows how to treat a man. Forget all those other chicks...Honey's my girl. We're pretty freakin' happy, too! So, ladies don't hate.

The thing is...the bank is running so wonderfully. There haven't been any complaints.

Lord knows, I'm grateful for that, and my girl is moving up in rank on her professional basketball team...everything is going so well. Why not get married? We're not getting any younger, I told Honey, and if she wants to have any children, we need to plan it while she's on vacation.

At first she freaked out, then

[Due to the unfortunate poisoning of Nick Michels, we have posted only what he was able to finish in his journal. We certainly hope that he gets better soon.] --Cameron Masters, Archive Librarian

Honey Michels - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (04/13/07):

Well, I have never been this happy. I married the love of my life. Surprisingly, I stopped having a fear of it. I felt confident that it was the best thing for me, and boyyyy am I happy I did!

I even felt good enough to invite Trinity over for dinner one night. She and I are trying to get our friendship back on track. Asya thinks I should kick her to the curb. But, Asya thinks I should kick BOTH of them to the curb. And, that would be awkward. Trinity and I go back a long way. I know that she's been through a lot in her life. And, Nick, pfttt!, he ain't goin' nowhere! She can forget that!

I did have a small ax to grind, though....I wanted to see Trinity's face personally, when I told her I was pregnant. I left my pajamas on purposefully so she could ask if I was feeling well. ((giggles)) I know that's not right, but hey...I think I need to help her get over my husband. And believe me, he's hard to get over...he's so damn sexy. I'd rather kill her with kindness and a huge dose of Nick and Honey's PDA (public displays of affection) than to kick her skinny ass.

Nick tells me he sees her everywhere...like she's been stalking him. He's really trying to be nice, but she's kinda scaring him.

I try real hard to be understanding...I guess it's because Nick's her first love. We all know how difficult it is to get over our first loves. But, still there's no excuse.

Well, this is mostly why I thought inviting her over would be the best thing. She really got to see the home Nick and I are trying to make with each other, and how much we love each other. She even noticed my new tablecloth, which was a wedding gift from the Cunninghams.

I could see the jealousy in her eyes, but I also saw the respect. She told me that she was genuinely happy for us, and that she was sorry to have ever thought our relationship was just a fling. I think things are gonna turn around for all of us after tonight. Not to mention that cute guy she's been dating lately. She could find her own true love, afterall. She needs to give it a chance.

---OMG, Nick's collapsed! Thank God, Trinity was here!


The ambulance came and rushed him to the hospital. It all happened so fast!

When Trinity told me he had been poisoned...I can't describe to you my shock. The dank, mediciney smell of the hospital suddenly made me nauseous. I dropped down to my knees and prayed ...no, begged for his life to be spared. Here I am newly pregnant...I can't do this on my own!

(I hope she didn't do anything to him! Nahhhh...)

I managed to pull myself together...Trinity said that even though Nick was resting, he would be able to sense my anxiety, and it might cause him harm in recovering. I also didn't want to harm the baby in any way.

I walked through that door trembling, not knowing what I'd see on the other side, but determined to have a positive attitude. Nick will pull through this. He just has to!

"It's ok baby, I'm here. You're gonna be alright." I tried to reassure him quietly without disturbing him.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sergio Spencer - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (04/06/07):

I've got to take hold of my dreams before they get away from me. I used to be so driven. Since I moved Asya into my apartment, I've noticed myself drifting even further away from what I really want in life. It actually started before I moved her in, she's just taken the reigns and flew with them. She wants to do what she wants to do, and forget anybody else. I don't even like her anymore. She's still got a thang for Nick, and she's playing me.

Me and Nick had an interesting conversation, while we were raking leaves...he told me that he had gone to visit Asya at her old apartment, and let's just say, things got a little out of hand. He said they kissed, but knowing Asya, they went further than that. And, he won't tell me that...oh nooo...he doesn't want me to kick his *ss because he's --loong overdue.

He and I haven't been on the greatest of terms since our big blowup. I don't know why he tells me this now....I guess he let it slip or he was just feeling comfortable, since we're talking again...and wanted me to know. I feel like a fool, really.

Everybody around here has the hots for someone other than who they're with. Trinity, even though she's a doctor, ain't got one bit of sense. She can't see that Nick doesn't want her, he just wants to get with her. I tell you, that guy is a snake.

Now, my world has changed because Asya's pregnant. I've gotten in way over my head. I should've just broken it off with her when I had the chance. She thinks she's gonna just trap me into marrying her. I would be sealing my fate in hell, if I did that.

All we do is argue about nothing. Or we argue about me wanting to run a farm. You tell me...how she gonna marry the 'Agriculture guy' and not live on a farm? Stupid!! Does she think I'm the biggest wuss in all of Willow County? Does she think her stuff is that good?

I had to think fast. A baby is coming and I need to start learning how to care for a garden. I've been so 'laxed while living in these apartments.

Asya keeps yapping about moving and getting a pool....she's all about the lavish lifestyle, while I'm more worried about how I'm gonna keep my store afloat.....there's no way I'm taking on a mortgage with her in tow. She'll drain us dry! Nooo, it's not gonna be a permanent situation, darling. I went and applied for Cedar Homes. I knew she'd hate it. It's the best alternative for me, I said ME. I've got to start thinking 'bout myself. Oh yeah...the baby, too.

She gets her da*n pool, and I get the space to work on growing a tomato garden. It's already started paying off, I'm a silver badge gardener, now. And, it's right down the block from Aldi's. I could ride a bike there.

Asya wanted to get all mad about living here...like she's too good. Anything with "affordable" stamped on it, she's too good for. Hah!

Yeah...I can feel myself getting back into the groove. I feel my grandparents watching over me, and they're gonna be proud of me one day soon.


Hey, you ever wonder what happened with an old flame? Lately, that's all I've been thinking about. I wonder what happened to that pretty little thing, Kimberly, from school.

I've tried calling her, but I don't have her new number. I don't know...one day, she just popped into my head, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about her. I've been calling around and yep, I found out she's still in school. I finally hunted her down, though.

We've been talking almost everyday.

It was like we never stopped talking to each other. I have to be careful because Asya is like the nosiest person I've ever met. I hope to see Kimberly soon.

It's a shame to be a Family Sim and have never been in love. I'm serious! I locked in on my want to fall in love back in my Sophomore year in college, and it has never happened for me. I know I've got to get Asya out of my life. And, I plan on doing that after she has my baby. Maybe then I can find true love and happiness ---and my dream farm. ((smiles))

Asya Rasmussen (Deceased) - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (04/06/07):

I have done everything I can to convince Sergio that I'm the best woman for him, and he still won't marry me. Sure yeah....I proposed and he accepted, but I don't even know why he did!

It's been hard watching Honey bask in the glow of marriage to her playa husband, Nick. She's been getting visitors left and right, and the gifts and well wishes, Oh!...I wish it was me. She's gotten some n-i-i-ice stuff.

I have done everything Serge has asked me, and I even worked that nightmare of a store of his! Stocking up, taking out the trash, seeing that everything was perfect.

I was at that store all day, through the rain and everything... trying to figure out ways to make it run more efficiently. I mean....this is what I do at the Military Base, so I'm highly qualified.

Would YOU like to work in a mess like this? I sure as hell didn't, but I did it, without any lip either.

The biggest idea I had was to promote Joe Carr to Manager, so that Sergio wouldn't have any excuse whatsoever, to not have time for a ceremony.

You'd think he'd appreciate that. Well...He didn't! He thought I went over his authority! He's been pouting about it ever since!

I don't know what to do. I've done everything I could think of...even down to the oldest tricks.... And, I know I'm sexy enough...that's without question.

Lately I've been overhearing him speak in hushed tones over the phone, and whenever I approach him, he hangs up. So...I was thinking that this was it! He's trying to surprise me with a wedding!

I waited and waited, and nothing happened. I started getting real queasy in my stomach, and thought, "I'm stressing out, I can't take this waiting much longer!"

When I started getting sick every morning, I knew this is not the sequence of events he's gonna be hoping for. But, surely Serge will marry me now!

I was hurrying to clean the toilet up, when he suddenly shoved through the bathroom door, screaming at the top of his lungs that I've tried to trap him into marrying me by getting pregnant! I barely had a chance to flush the toilet and rinse my mouth out before he attacked! What was he doing out there, listening to me throw up?!!

I'm like...."Just what are you trying to say, Sergio?"

And, "Hold on - one minute - you bastard! Don't accuse ME of trying to trap you...you're the one trying to make somebody live on a FARM for the rest of their life!"

The arguments have been endless ever since. It's like he all of a sudden grew some... and now he hates me. I've been racking my brain to figure out what could've happened. The only thing I can think of is Nick.

Nick must've told him that we kissed, and now Serge won't even think of marrying me. That JERK!! Ooh! If I could get my hands on Nick right now, it would not be pretty!


The next morning, Simday 8....bright and early, Sergio was waking me up and telling me to pack my stuff. I sat down in the middle of the floor, with my legs crossed indian style, and told him I wasn't budging. He wasn't gonna put me and his baby out in the street.

Then he told me no....we're moving. I pleaded with him that I didn't want to live on no farm, I wanted a nice big house with a swimming pool, so I could get my sexy figure back after I have the baby. And you know what he said? He said he got us a house!

I didn't even have time to put on any clothes! And, super jerk Nick, was out there giving me the evil eye. I stared back at him with a...'you better watch your step, man...you don't know who you're messing with-look.'

I guess Sergio is enjoying his little games with me. Strangely, we drove down to Aldi's and did a U-turn in the parking lot. Serge snickered as the cab pulled up in front of my worst nightmare. Now, I can see why I didn't have to put on any clothes...we only moved across the street!

Cedar Homes, Serge?!! Cedar Homes?!! Why are we renting in these projects? - POP!-

I can't believe he smacked me!

Ok. Maybe he didn't smack me, but it felt like it when I tried to jump into his arms and he wouldn't catch me. Sometimes I starve for some affection from that man. I know we come from two different worlds, and hardly have anything in common, but I could clearly see that he was happy to be able to start a tomato garden, I guess he could tell I was being fake about it, and he dropped me.

Nevertheless, ain't no amount of 'love' or convincing's gonna make me want to live here in these cheap so-called 'homes'. I didn't sign up for this.

He says they're nice, and his main concern is being able to save money for his cruddy farm. Yeah, sure...I got my swimming pool, but this ain't Camden Park!

I'm tired of living like I have to fight for somebody to love me and think I'm sexy....and I sure as hell make too much money to be living in a project. I'm tired of not getting my way, and dealing with these two-bit losers!

So, I bided my time and finally had my baby girl, Sierra. Now, I've got to make my next move...