Sunday, August 10, 2008

NOTES - Politics - Simday 20

I'm overwhelmed, as anyone would be after having to evacuate your longtime neighborhood and move into a shelter. I've had to make a few adjustments, but Lars Larsson and the Green Construction Co. have worked so hard to re-build The Hills back the way it was, and maybe even better. Thanks so much.

I'm just going to dive in. If anything is forgotten, please let me know.

Admin.-Owned (AO) Properties that we lost:

-SimCity Bank, City Hall, Simmington Hills Police Department, Simmington Power & Water, Technical Training Center, The Hill House, Willow Community Park, Willow Co. Public Library.

Sim-Owned Businesses that we lost:

-Aldi's Supermarket and Restaurant, Seth's Barbershop, SimCity Furniture, GameTime Sports Bar

Admin.-Owned (AO) Properties that have been re-named, replaced, and updated:

-SimCity Bank, City Hall, Willow Co. Jail, Willow Community Park, and Willow Co. Public Library.

Sim-Owned Businesses that have been re-built and updated:

-SimCity Furniture

A letter was sent out to each Sim-Owned Business owner, asking them if they wanted to re-build, or opt out of their businesses and receive a check for the Business Value of the lot. A lot of you said, "yes" to opting out of your businesses. Some of you are done, and some of you said you will re-group and re-build at a later time. As we make our rotations around the hood during this next period (5th), we will be dispersing those checks. This money does not come from the Administration but from SimCity Government.

Business Certificates (BC) and Employee Taxes:

All BCs will stay on file at SimCity Bank. Any business that re-opens will maintain their current BC and employee taxes, even those that change their name. As long as the following is adhered to:

-The business must be the same Type of Business that is recorded on your application.

-The same lot is used. (The BC is connected to the lot number it was previously built upon. For example, Aldi's Grocery & Restaurant was located at 201 E. Magnolia. Sergio Spencer would have to re-build the same type of business on this lot in order to keep his BC intact.)

Read more about Business Certificates on our Administrative Law page.

*You also must pay additional employee taxes if you hire more staff than what you originally applied for.*

AO Properties that we lost have been liquidated back into our Hood's Budget, and new AO Properties have been accounted for as a Hood expense, naturally.

As stated earlier in Simday's Paper, we have several new apartments and community lots. You will be seeing them in various ways throughout the site as time goes by. Some of you will be happy to hear that a lot of these new apartments don't have a 5 to 15-simday lease. You can live there for however long you like. Cedar Two Flats and Cedar Homes will remain on a 5 to 15-simday lease.

If you haven't already noticed, the Budget page has been deleted. I have handed over those duties to our Business Advisor, Nick Michels. He will post the budget reports at the end of each period in his Business Advisor NOTES section. If anyone would like a more detailed report, you can always email me at (Reports are done in Excel.)


Civic Residential Lots:

We are currently handling these lots differently from before. Simmington Hills College Preparatory School (CPS) will be inhabited by a janitor, who has checked out with great references. This allows the Wise family to buy their first home and live outside the school. Maxine Wise is still the Principal and Teacher there. As I understand it, she will be hiring another teacher this semester to run the Secondary classes, while she remains the teacher for the Primary classes. She will post her Education Reports inside her periodic journal, as usual.

Same with the jail... Seth Guthrie has moved out to allow a new Resident Prison Cop to live inside the jail. His references checked out, too.

These Sims will not be bothered or prompted for journals...only the Sim who has responsibility for the Civic duties there, will report on these lots in their journals.

The Magnolia - Mayor's Mansion:

Thanks so much to the Hood Council for coming up with this idea. This beautiful mansion is solely for the esteemed Mayors of our town. And hopefully after me, there will be a long line of them.
It is not a permanent residence, therefore no property taxes are paid on it. The Administration has paid for this property and it is considered Admin.-Owned.

Spencer Farm:

We're so sorry that Sergio Spencer's farm was lost in the storm. However, Green Construction Co. built him another farmhouse and Sergio tells me that this one's better than the first! We wish him all the best, and look forward to the future Spencer Farms Fresh Market.

The "How We Livin'" Tours have been discontinued.

The Home Ownership Page (*Edit: HO Page discontinued Fall 2007), and the SimYellow Pages will be updated with new pictures as we make rotations around the hood. However, a new residential map has been placed on the front page of the Home Ownership page.

We ask for your continued patience as we re-organize.

*all Home Ownership (HO) information is now included on Sims' Simologies under the SimYellow Pages.

-Sen. Sabien Cunningham, Sr., Spokes Sim