Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nick Michels - Simday 15

41 simyears old, (09/11/07):

Things were touch and go there, for a moment. Didn't know if I was gonna make it. Most of you know by now, I was poisoned by the late Asya Rasmussen. Hmmmph. Well, all that mess is over now. I'm thankful for the good friends I have that supported me and Honey. Honey was an angel. And despite her being pregnant and alone for most of it, she was the rock standing beside me everyday. Trinity, my doctor and friend...if you're reading this, I'm sorry anyone ever doubted you. Congratulations to you and Kevin, I mean Keith. *smiles* May you have as much happiness as Honey and I have found.

Hey, I'm a father now!

Keva Michels made her debut at nighttime, waking Daddy up from a deep sleep and scaring the mess outta him. Being a father is something I thought I was ready for, but when it came time to step up...I froze up. Look at the picture above...I look scared to death, don't I?

When Keva started to cry, I immediately put her down and called her mother..."Honey! The baby's crying!!" Guess who was standing right there already. I didn't even see her, my fear was so overcoming!

"Get a grip, Nick! You just gonna put her on the floor like that?! What is wrong with you?" Honey spat through clenched teeth.

I truly needed to get a grip. Ever since I almost died, I've been feeling out of sync. I'm not my old self anymore. When I woke up out of my coma and went home for the first time, I looked up to the sky and asked the question, "You mean, I get another chance at this here thing?"

What if I mess up again?

Confession: Yeah...I blame myself for Asya trying to poison me. She looked at me as her enemy. I can't say that I blame her. I never really liked her or respected her. I thought she was a phony and anytime I could let Serge know that, I would. When I kissed her that time, it was a set up. I told Serge about it, and let him think there was more to it than there was...I messed up and almost paid with my life.

So, here I am...tripping over myself in ways that I can't explain. I'm used to being smooth and charismatic. I truly need to get a grip. I can't tell you the number of times Honey has come home to me sleeping on the job. The baby - sleep and funky, 'cause I'm too triflin' to change her diaper.

I've got to change my attitude...on life and on women. I've got this new 'little woman' in my life. That I'm in charge of. I've gotta do it right. No mistakes out the gate. They're both counting on me.

The time came for Honey to leave for Simborough and meet with Sam Warwick of Suburb Sims, and Paul Yates of Pure Gold Agency. I assured her that I was capable of taking care of Keva's needs while she was away. No worries. You can believe she worried. "Nick, you know I'm not comfortable leaving the baby here with you. I can get her a Nanny. We can't afford a Nanny, but I will get one. And, you need to do something with your time...the bank is practically running itself. And since you don't need to be there everyday...we need to bring some money up in here! And work on saving to buy a house! Don't you realize our lease will be up soon?! While I'm gone, think about what you want to do. I'm doing my part. It's only a matter of time before I start bringing good money in here from the soap opera."

(Has she forgotten that I'm a Vice President in the Business Career? I do make money. I think she's panicking because we're on the bottom of the Networth List at the Census Bureau. Nothing wrong with wanting to do better, hon. We will do better.)

Her bag was packed and waiting at the door for at least a week before she left. I would sit in numbness, staring at it, acting as if I was truly watching tv. I don't know if it was a mental thing or what.

She even stopped talking to me. One day, she walked out into the blizzard. Whatever she said, it was incomprehensible to me. Hell, I hope she's coming back!? I jumped outta my trance at the sound of the door slamming shut from the fierce winds. When I finally got to the window, she was already gone.

What I did next?

I fed my baby.

And over time, we've developed a very close bond. She is the spitting image of her mother. Honey was gone for a long time. She ended up making a portfolio and filming several scenes for the soap. Keva had a birthday while she was away.

Sure Honey called almost every night. But it's not the same as her being here.

Honey's career looks like its taking off. The bank is doing well, it doesn't need me there. Keva is thriving. It's time for me to think about what I can do to bring some money into this household. Watching a game one night...the idea hit me. Simmington Hills biggest interest is sports and there is no place to hang out after a long hard day at work and socialize...we need a sports bar!

I took out a hefty loan at the bank. (Got to have money to make money.) I got on the computer and emailed Ed Valdes for some advice.

Ed is highly successful with his car dealership, BBV Motors. I know I could've called Sergio, but things are still not cool between us. Ed and I met up on my lunch break from the bank. We went ice skating, of all things.

The contacts he gave me, were invaluable. He told me about some contractor named Green (some relation to Tomika Cunningham). The guy's not available all the time, but if I could catch him, he'd build me a hell of a club. He actually is a she...and I caught her on a good day. Thus, Game Time was born! (Thanks also to my man, Justin Starter from SimVannia Water, for the signs.)

Opening Day was packed! People came through there thanking me for the hangout. Even Cameron was grateful to have a place to get away from home every now and then. We both have two ladies at home, so it's nice to get away and have a boys' night out.

I'm addicted to the place myself. I'm either stuck in a new kind of trance playing Pac Man, or watching some kind of boxing match on tv.

Or, playing 'can I catch the Bud sales agent on the phone?'...that guy is always 'out of the office'.

At least I'm staying away from the poker tables. I'll let my patrons spend as much time as they want in the poker room.

My wife is proud of me. And I feel like I've got some kind of purpose now. I hope we can save up a whole bunch of money. We don't have much time before we have to move out of Cedar Street Two Flats.

Take care everyone, and thanks for the well wishes while I was sick.

Honey Michels - Simday 15

41 simyears old, (09/11/07):

A lot's happened since I last wrote. My best friend in the world is gone. There was nothing I could do to help her, even though I tried. I'm not going to devote anymore time on Miss Asya, because she tried to take my husband with her. And I can't forgive her for that. I just know that she took a piece of my heart with her.

But my little bundle, I named Keva, arrived shortly after Nick came home from the hospital and brought it back to me. Sadly, I was the only one prepared for it. I guess I can't fault Nick. He didn't know I was pregnant. I was actually going to tell him after Trinity left. If only I hadn't been so wrapped up in making her jealous. He would've known before he drank that dreadful wine! No wait...he would've opened that wine to celebrate, and Trinity probably would've had some too. Nevermind that. The bottom line is, Nick never had time to wrap his mind around being a father.

I feel like I've been pulling all the weight around here. He's slow to get back into the groove of things. I didn't think he would be that way. But, the guy almost died...I don't know how I'd react to something like that, if it were me.

I was bound by contract to get my acting career underway. I had to concentrate on getting my body back in shape. Nick is going to have to help me with Keva.

He didn't. He couldn't. I don't know what his problem was. I was such a nervous wreck thinking about my upcoming trip, learning my new lines, getting ready for my photoshoot...I accidently set the apartment on fire. Nick slept right through it.

That was it. I packed my bag to leave...even though I had 8 more simdays before I was to be in Simborough. I had nothing else to say to Nick. He was either going to jump into gear or starve.

"This is the last breakfast I'm cooking for you. You're on your own buddy." I slammed the plate down in front of him, and ate over on the sofa.

Nick needs a little tough love right now, and that's what I'm giving him. I'm strong. He's having a tough time, so I've gotta be strong for the both of us. I heard the bus come to pick me up. I kissed my baby and left without looking twice. If I had turned around to look at her again, I would've changed my mind. "Get your act together while I'm gone, Nick Michels. You're better than this!" I yelled on my way out the door.

When I got there Paul Yates had everything set up for me. It was a whirlwind! Hair and Makeup even put a new 'do on me for my portfolio picture...

Like it? Glamorous, isn't it? (I still prefer my braids.)

It took a minute for me to get used to all the attention, but I did. The time flew by. Before I knew it, I was back home. I felt awful that I'd missed Keva's 1st birthday. And, she and Nick were closer than close. Keva didn't even recognize me at first. (Even though I had Hair and Makeup put me back the way I was before I left.) It was tough trying to find a place in their routine.

So, this is the price I've had to pay for fame and fortune. My daughter has a closer relationship to her father. I'm not crying about it. I'm glad to see Nick back into the swing of life. He's got a successful bar and my daughter's undying love. There will be time for me to re-establish myself with her. Hopefully we're teaching her to pursue her dreams. No matter what. I'm certainly on my way!