Friday, January 9, 2009

Kimberly Spencer - Simday 25

38 simyears old, Fall 2007

Word got around that we were getting the farm back up and running. Nick dropped by to put in a good word and let us know that he'd be at the bank when we needed to get our new BC application filled out. Unfortunately, Serg wasn't home. He would've loved to see him. What a turnaround for these two. I'm so pleased to see them as friends again.

He wasn't the only company to drop by. Sen. Cunningham walked by and said hello. He told me how successful the Silent Art Auction was. He's all smiles, too. I can't blame him, it was more than any of us could've hoped for. 3 million simoleans?! That's a miracle!

I wish some of that was donated to us, to help us get this farm and market going. LOL! It's been an awful lot of work, but I can't complain...I've enjoyed every bit of it.

I left the farmhouse and my family for about 7 simdays. It was HARD. Not because I didn't want to do it, but because I was doing it alone. I was very excited to be starting a new chapter in my life. I was actually getting my own business ready for its Grand Opening! I opened the doors for just a few simdays before we had any harvest. I needed a few quick simoleans to purchase some garden supplies.

A lot of customers told me that they look forward to getting fresh produce and fish, and the hood's been sorely in need of it. Tell me about it.

There were some simdays when I wanted to seriously go home and soak in my whirpool tub and forget about the whole thing. I was missing my husband and kids, I was lonely, I was tired, and I felt hopeless sometimes. There were a couple thunderstorms that passed through, where I would have to sit inside the store and wait. I put a cot in there so I could sleep. I sure hoped Sergio was doing the laundry.

Other simdays were a triumph. They balanced out the whole experience. It was a wonderful ride!

I would have to get into a 'zone' when I worked, though...blocking everything and everyone else out. It paid off in mouthwatering fruits and veggies. I can really relax knowing that Sims will be filling their fridges and their bellies with my produce.

Once back home, I was still filled with so much mental energy. I'm like..what's next?! After I cleaned up...and when I say cleaned up, I mean I took an hour-long soak in my favorite tub. My skin was literally cracking from being so dry. I finally calmed my thoughts down long enough to get some much needed physical rest.

I started feeling like I needed to catch up with my husband in the kitchen. He laughs everytime I call the family to dinner...wondering what's on the menu for that night. I don't take this kindly. It's a slap in my face. Back home, where I'm originally from, I'm a good cook. Not the greatest, but I'm good. And, my kids don't complain, it's just Sergio.

Living under his Executive Chef's shadow, I hate my own cooking. And it makes me feel incomplete as a woman. I went out and bought this huge cookbook. I've been studying it and making out my grocery lists for weekly menus. He found a way to make me feel embarassed by that. Telling me that, "real cooks don't use a cookbook." So why did he write one? And why is he planning on writing another? *smiles* (I just 'owned' the kids say.)

I don't really know how to cook many dishes, aside from the basics. Cereal, oatmeal and jelly toast. Oh, I learned how to make a cake! I also make this hotdog and potato salad combo with ketchup on the side. The kids really love this one, so I make it all the time.

When Serg sees it on the table, he takes FOREVER to sit down and join us. Oh it is sooo nerve racking! LOL! He drags his chair along the floor making this dull scratching noise as if he dreads sitting down to the table. Sometimes I wanna tell him, "You do it! Why don't you ever cook for us, Mr. Executive Chef?! You do it then, if this is not good enough for you!" LOL! Yeah, I can laugh about it because it's just my competitive nature. I was a cheerleader once, remember? Aside from this, I assure you that we are very much in love.

So in love that I found out we're expecting another baby. This news came around the time I was getting ready to enter a cooking contest uptown at one of the Cedar Street Shoppes. It wasn't just nerves I was feeling. My stomach was attacking me. All those smells...*changes the subject*

Well, it's exactly what I wanted before the hurricane, and still do. I'm just a little apprehensive about it now. Although me and Serg both want a baby...we're just scared about it, that make sense? I think back then, too, I was unknowingly feeling hurt that I lost Shauna. I needed a replacement to fill that emptiness I was feeling. To look at Shaun was a constant reminder that a little girl was supposed to be there, the same age as him. I hadn't truly moved beyond it. To this simday, I've not been able to move past it. Yet, I've got something else to fill the space. The timing for a new baby feels kinda out of place right now. I'm on the brink of new personal success. I'm finally out of the house and doing something that benefits me...and in a short amount of time, I was able to get the store up to a Level 4 business. I just don't know how a new baby is gonna fit into my plans. It's stressing me out, really.

But I can't deny that it's a true blessing. I'm not getting any younger and we've got a great place to live. I take stock in that everyday, walking around the farm and counting my blessings. We've got plenty of room, and this baby is going to have the pleasure of growing up here. I find a lot of joy in that.

And Shaun is growing so fast. It would benefit him to have a little brother or sister to play with and teach stuff to. Sierra hardly has time for him anymore.

The kids were downstairs waiting for the schoolbus to come this morning. I think Shaun was outside trying to complete his School Project, hunting for 5 bugs. Sierra was primping in the mirror of course, *rolls eyes* that's all she does...she's an authentic teenager now. When all of a sudden I hear screaming. I ran downstairs to find Shaun running away, hands flailing in the air, from a swarm of killer bees! (Well, they looked like killer bees.)

Do you know Sierra didn't even come out the bathroom to see about him? She calmly walked to the bus and got on it, not saying a word! I was surprised by this, because she's changing everyday into someone I don't really know. I mean we used to talk about anything, and now I hardly ever see her. I'm so proud that she's got two scholarships for college already, and working on applying for more. And, I know she's liking that Valdes boy now, but I don't know how serious it is. Well, all I can do is pray for patience. Serg is not the only one who needs it. That's for sure.

I grabbed my baby up and took him right over to the hospital. Dr. Dalton applied some medicine to Shaun's stings and told me to keep him out of school today. She'll be over later to make sure he's not having an allergic reaction. "Just let him rest." she said.

She came by later, just as she promised. Thankfully, he's alright. But, he'll have to do some hard work to get his grade back up. He's got a D+ right now! That's serious in this house. We don't tolerate bad grades and poor study habits. Too bad she couldn't fix that part. *smiles*

You know I had to call Mrs. Wise about it. She told me it would be ok, all he has to do is be present for the Fall 2007 Semester of classes coming up, and that should help him get his grade up. ( the Hills, the kids who've enrolled, go to SH CPS all year round, except summertime - unless it's really needed...but then there is a special round of classes that the kids take during each season that gives them an extra opportunity to study and learn skills. This is the session that Maxine Wise reports about in her Education Reports.) Me and Sergio are so into our kids' educations, I thought I'd explain how it works, for those that don't understand it. It just takes a little bit of imagination, that's all. *smiles*

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