Saturday, July 21, 2007

NOTES - Politics - Simday 16

From time to time, I receive mail on my desk that I'd like to share with you. One letter is good, and one letter is not so good.

Welcome to the SUN Core 2008!!

From: Apple Valley
Sent:  Mon
To: Sabien Cunningham

Welcome to the SUN Core!

We're excited that you're going to join us this term and we can not wait to meet you!

Looking forward to working with you!

Ayanna Kent


I am truly honored to be working on SUN Core 2008 as a Representative. The SUN Core helps to UNITE hoods by organizing events, most popularly the annual Food Expos, writing articles, and keeping the hoods connected in communication through our SUN board forums. If any of our sister hood affiliates, who are without representation on SUN Core, would like to share any ideas they have in continuing our efforts to unite neighborhoods and build friendships across the borders, please contact me by email.


This next letter came from Sergio Spencer, our Culinary Advisor and one of the "6" Founders. I thought I would respond publicly in order to dissuade any doubts about my office, and the SimCity Bank office, which is managed by Nick Michels.


First of all, Sergio, I do not take it kindly that you chose to write this letter in anger at Nick. And I say this as your friend. I know that you two have had long running issues with each other. I only wish that you could find a way to 'agree to disagree.'

However, my strongest issue is that you are insinuating that I have made Nick and his sports bar, an exception to the law! And that is not the case!

This was an oversight on me and Nick's part. We both forgot that he had not filed an application. He has filed one as of today, and his application has been approved by me.

On the 3rd Period Budget Report - Simday 15:

Nick paid employment tax on two extra employees. Do you think for a minute that he would shell out $10,000 in taxes if he was trying to be underhanded with the law? I think not!!

In all fairness, I appreciate your bringing this to my attention. I do need to amend the law because businesses cannot - absolutely cannot - be running and making money, without a valid BC. So, as of today, Simday 16, the law will reflect that no business can run without a valid BC. And if it occurs, a $5,000 fine is due within the current period. If not paid within the period, then jail is necessary until the fine is paid.

Building Renovations on Residential Lots

We are proud to welcome our new architect/residential building contractor Lars Larsson on Simday 16. The official immigration announcement won't be made for a few simdays. Check Simday's paper for the official announcement.

Within this 4th period, you will be seeing some major changes take place around Simmington Hills in the Willow County area. Lars will be building residential homes and filling in a lot of our vacant areas. It is my joy to see the neighborhood take shape and be as beautiful as I always dreamt it would be.

In the matter of our remaining Founder's rental leases being up this period, new homes are being sought out to buy. Lars's immigration to SH is coming at the perfect time. There are some issues that may arise, however, that have never been addressed. I would like to address those issues at this time:

If you own a home but the mortgage is not paid off yet, you may not renovate the structure of the home in any way. In other words, no adding additional floors or rooms to the building structure. (This does not mean that you can't build a storage room/garage in your backyard if you want to because this does not alter the structure of your home. You may also add a pool and landscaping.)

The building structure of the home cannot be altered, that is all.

*The Administration reserves the right to demolish a home at anytime, with enough notice. This is if there is an extreme need to make way for re-zoning, faulty building materials, or hazardous occurrences take place. Homes with mortgages paid off will secure proper sales negotiations.*

If you own your home outright, and you have paid off your mortgage, you may renovate your home any way you see fit. You must pay a $5,000 building renovation tax to the Administration before construction on a large renovation is to start. This tax may be adjusted in the future. This tax must only be paid if the renovation is a large one, such as a room/floor addition. Knocking down a wall or two, removing some stairs, windows/doors, etc., does not count towards a large renovation.

I must also take this time to release this very important information:

As of today, Simday 16, my wife and I received notice from the Termite Inspectors that our current home on 98 E. Cedar St. is infested with termites all through the foundation of the home, and the damage cannot be repaired. The house has been ruled uninhabitable and will be bulldozed. We must relinquish the land to the Administration and move within 24 simhours.


Lastly, there have been several complaints coming into my office about the Cedar Street Two Flat Apartments, and the interior design being left as-is by previous renters, making it difficult for current renters to improve or change. Most of these renters state that it is costly to decorate their apartments when they have to move out in 15 simdays. After reading our new In Style Magazine inserts, some people complained that these recipients had to pay for their designs only to have to move and leave their hard-earned walls and floors behind. They don't think this is fair. Add this last one to all the complaints, a lot of our renter sims don't like the gold-flecked mirrors in these apartments, either.

After much thought, and after looking into our budget, I have decided to renovate each two-flat apartment into a neutral color-scheme for approximately $1,573 per each apartment. Every single apartment will get the same renovation at no cost to the renter. (The final costs will be reflected on our 4th and 5th period budgets.) I'm stretching this project over a 2 period time frame because we just left 106 E. Cedar and will not return until 5th period. For any walls or flooring you may have spent money on, you will be reimbursed for that if you show a receipt. You may decorate around this neutral color pallette any way you choose, but the walls and floors must never be changed and the mirror stays. Sorry folks. Those mirrors are in honor of my wife's mother, Carmela, who had a gold-flecked, floor to ceiling mirror in the home she grew up in. After I'm out of office, retired, dead, whatever...whoever comes after me can change those mirrors, but not until then. Please understand.

From this day on, the In Style magazine featured designer can only design rooms for homeowners, not renters.


Another letter in the Mailbox:


Stacy, thanks so much for writing.

The reason our Immigration office only formally introduces immigrants from other neighborhoods, is because Townies and Downtownies are universal. What I mean know that saying, "Every Sim has a twin somewhere in SimCity?" Well, it's true! Names may be different, sometimes, but most times there is a Stacy Tse in every single hood out there. Freaky situation, right? Well, it's no excuse not to formally introduce you and welcome you into the hood.

So, from this day forward...all Townies and Downtownies will be written in on the Immigration page in Simday's Paper, by write-in only. That way our printer doesn't have to make up an Immigration card each time.

--Judge Sabien Cunningham, Sr., Spokes Sim

Sergio Spencer - Simday 15

41 simyears old, (07/21/07):


Special Note to Readers: With respect to my former fiance, Asya Rasmussen, I do not attempt to slander her name in this journal because she is no longer here to defend herself. This entry is only a presentation of MY version of the events, as they occurred to me.


After Sierra was born, it was like a stick of dynamite had been lighted under my *ss. I started trying to whip things into motion. My first task was to make a clean break from Asya.

Nothing had changed between us...we were still arguing alot. When I broke it off with her and told her she'd have to move out and leave Sierra with me, as you can probably imagine, she didn't take it well.

All this did was give her license to drink more. Day in and day out, Asya thought she was hiding it from the world, but everybody knew. She'd go downstairs in our basement and drink constantly.

Her best friend, Honey, tried to talk to her...and even the Nanny told her that she'd call Social Services on her for child neglect, if she didn't pull herself together.

Apparently, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Asya went into a severe depression. The mere thought of anyone saying that she was a bad mother, sent her into a whirlwind of self-doubt. She constantly asked me if I thought that Sierra hated her. I responded that she doesn't hate you...she just doesn't know you.

Asya never stopped drinking, but she would try to spend moments with Sierra. After Sierra's birthday, Asya did her hair with lots of bows and ribbons. I told her it looked really pretty. We could tell Sierra liked it too.

Unfortunately, this was the last night Sierra or I, saw her mother. The next sequence of events were a combination of my testimony and the concluded investigation as told to me by Detectives Cunningham and Guthrie:

I got ready for work, and left Asya in her bedroom with Sierra. After I had left to go work at the store, Asya had put Sierra to bed. Again, she went downstairs where she went through several bottles of beer. She must've gotten into the pool, where she passed out from extreme intoxication and exhaustion, and ultimately drowned.

Among Asya's belongings, I found this polaroid picture and turned it over to the SHPD right away, it's like she was keeping it as some sort of trophy piece:

Somehow, before we moved from Cedar Two Flats, Asya had gotten into Nick and Honey's apartment below, and tainted his wine with poison. She is responsible for not only almost killing Nick and destroying her friendship with Honey, but also tarnishing Dr. Trinity Higgins' reputation as a doctor. The poor doctor has had a nervous breakdown from all the rumors and confusion regarding her upcoming indictment. To this, all I can say is I'm terribly sorry.

I buried Asya at Simhead Cemetery. Thoughts of how and why flooded my mind, but I realize that she is the only one that can truly answer those questions.

I've since moved on with my life. I'm proud to say that me and Sierra are now extremely happy and healthy. At the age of 40, I finally fell in love for the first time ever! Kimberly Tse walked into my store surprisingly, on that fateful night.

We got a chance to talk in person, after all this time. She hadn't changed a bit. After the burial, I invited her over to the house. She and I fell in love! We got married right away, and she's been me and Sierra's Angel ever since. Within a day, I found my dream farm and the love of my life...we moved out of Cedar Homes and into Spencer Farm.

To soften the blow of the move, Kim bought Sierra a puppy. We named him Bandit because he looks like he's wearing a mask.

I've never seen Sierra bolt out of the room as fast as she did - on all fours - chasing after Bandit! She looks happier than I've ever seen her.

Spencer Farm here we come!


I realize some of you may think I've moved on too fast. Some of you may even joke about how much Kim looks like Asya...I've heard all of it already. It's simology to gossip. I would just like to say that I had to think about my little girl, in all this. She's never gonna know her mother, and I had to give her a better life. Now I am. I've given her a whole new world.

Kimberly Spencer - Simday 15

27 simyears old, (07/21/07):

I'm thrilled to be married to Sergio Spencer! From what I've seen and heard, he's had a pretty rough adulthood here in Simmington Hills. In college, we really connected with each other, and I always wondered why he chose someone like Asya Rasmussen over me. She was loud and obnoxious all the time. (I hate to speak ill of the dead, but she was!) It took me a long time to get over him. When he started calling me again, those old feelings re-surfaced as if they'd never gone anywhere.

Serg and I used to talk in Student Hall, in the dorms, wherever...and I always loved the idea of being on a farm and growing vegetables. It made me jealous that he was able to grow up in an environment like that. So, when he'd put himself down or forget what he was meant to do here in SH, I would always comfort him and try to get him back on track. In one of our recent phone conversations, he told me that he was almost 40 and still didn't have his farm....I couldn't believe it. I had to go see him. I left University and came to his store hoping to find him there, or at least find out where he lived. I don't have to tell you how quickly life changed after that night.

It's unfortunate that Asya lost her life, but in a tragic sense, I gained one. I'm so in love with this man and his daughter. It's as if Sierra is my own. I know I could never be her natural mother, but I'm blessed to have her. That's all I can really say. I was so happy to have taught her how to walk. Her first real steps in becoming an individual person, and I helped with that.

Sometimes it feels like pure chaos in the household, because Sierra's really come out of her shell. She's all over the place! Screaming and laughing all the time! I have to really keep my eye on her and Bandit, our new puppy. I told Sergio that Sierra needed an animal to help her with the loss of her mother and the new move we're about to make.

He asked me what I thought he needed....suffice it to say, "Doctor Kim" was to the rescue. (LOL)

Friday, July 20, 2007

NOTES - Politics - Simday 15

Mourning our Loss, But Moving Ahead

We held a Hood Council meeting recently, after Asya's death. I must say a lot of our Founders were inconsolable. We are very sad this happened, and even Trinity stated that she wished she could've done more to treat Asya's problem. Despite almost losing her license to practise medicine because of the pending indictments, Trinity has forgiven Asya and offered her understanding that the SHPD was just doing its job. We embraced each other - as leaders should....through difficult times. We also talked about services that are greatly needed in the Hills, to make it an even better place to live.

Dr. Higgins, showing that she's stronger than ever after her bout with depression, presented a brilliant healthcare plan for SH, inspired by our neighbors in Harper's Cove. Dr. Maya Sheffield has instituted an awesome program there and Trinity feels it will fit SH perfectly. The new plan passed the vote, and will be instituted into our Administration and Laws at the beginning of Period 4 - Simdays 16-20.

My good friend, Cameron Masters, and Emerita Valdes, have been working together and presented applications they have accepted for a Principal/Teacher to run an Elementary School here in SH. They are both very concerned with the lack of participation at the library, by the parents, who haven't pushed their children to prepare properly for college. I must admit, Tomika and I are guilty of that as well. We must all make a valiant effort to help our children gain as many skills as they can at this influential age. (We will consider a High School once we have enough students for it, but as for now, we have 4 children, with a few toddlers almost ready for their birthdays.)

We passed a vote to build a school near the end of Period 3. A budget will not be set. Nick Michels is looking for contractors. Who we hire to run the school will be made known on Immigration Day, Simday 16.

I was visiting Apple Valley website, and noticed their cap on careers, and feel we should do that as well. Simmington Hills will be a dominant force in promoting self-owned businesses, we need to be able to fill those employee positions with local sitizens, not Townies and Downtownies all the time. I've asked Emerita Valdes to add Career Caps at the beginning of Period 4, on our Census Bureau page. To post the available/unavailable jobs. (The Criminal Career will be included, to my dismay and hesitation...but, we have to acknowledge that there will be some Sims who like to make their living shadily. My advice to you is that you don't get caught or else you will pay the consequences...that's all I'm sayin'.)

Simmerville and SUN

Everyone knows how excited I am that Simmington Hills now has the support of the Sims United Neighborhoods, and the support of a legend in Sims 1 and 2 history, the great neighborhood of Simmerville.

I would like to take the time to thank certain Sims who, behind the scenes, email me and give me support and friendship. Mr. Garmund Brybrey, Webmaster, Mr. Hedrian Appleton, SUN Registry Caretaker, both of Simmerville. Ayanna Kent, Hood Council President, and Alia Kent, SUN Core Leader, both from Apple Valley, Mandie from Fortune Shores (thanks for the HTML advice!), Evangeline Haddock, Spokes Sim from Baleen Island, and last but certainly not least, my friend and colleague, Kristin Pone-Sanchez, Spokes Sim from Riverdale.

Just to update on what has happened in this 3rd period:

We joined SUN and can now participate in a united network of events, neighborhood programs, festivals, awards, and have the ongoing support of other neighborhoods, just like ours.

We now have an affiliate program, and hope to add more sites.

We have access to all these wonderful neighborhoods, through the SUN Family Exchange, to visit and share with other Sims in Simworld.

I'm also happy to announce that we will be offering complimentary tickets to the Michels' family to visit a SUN hood for 5 simdays. They will be our first family to use this exchange program, and it's our privilege to send them. I don't have to mention how tough things have been for them, so a short getaway is in order. I will take over the bank's business while Nick is away. We plan to send the Michels after we have finalized housing arrangements for the visiting families from the exchange.

The Hood Administration plans to build a spectacular Bed & Breakfast in Camden Park, within the next two periods, that will house our visiting families from the exchange, and will also be an attraction for residents of Simmington Hills. There will be shops and eateries close by for visitors to patronize. This will be an historical lot, being the first residential lot built in Camden Park, and it will be privately owned.

We had a great turnout for our first community event, the 2007 Food Expo. It's a pity we couldn't do the entire 3 month event, but unforseen things happen, and I don't want to put anymore pressure on Sergio Spencer to host the event, when he's already got so much going on in his personal life. Hopefully, we will have next year, to do it up in grand 'Heart of the Hills' style!

I have lifted the Immigration Laws, for now, allowing up to 3 new households to enter the Hills every 5 simdays. We need to grow at a faster rate, but in a timely manner. We need businesses and a larger population, in order to get weaned off of the generosity of the NPP. Until further notice...the Immigration law is changed.

Another note to add about Immigrants...if they are Service representatives, like Seth Guthrie (Jail) and Maxine Wise (School). They don't have to move into rental spaces first...they move into their residential jobs and begin serving the community. Because of this, they don't have to pay the Immigration Tax nor do they pay 5 simdays worth of rent. They pay 1 simday of rent each period. This is a perk for 'living' their jobs.

Their rent breakdown goes like this: For example, we'll use the SH Police Department.

Cost of empty building: $96,450

Divide that by 2 (because Seth lives in the other half of the building) = $48,225

*By law, rent is 1% of the total networth of an empty house*

$48,225 x 1% = $482 (Seth's rent each period)

--Judge Sabien Cunningham, Sr., Spokes Sim

Census - Career Opportunities

Page maintained by Emerita Valdes, Homemaker Advisor

Visit the Career Board at City Hall, 223 W. Magnolia,
to apply for these SimCity Government jobs!

32 Positions Still Available!

Adventurer - Caps at 2 - 1 position available
Architecture - Caps at 2 - 0 positions available *1 position accepted by long distance
Artist - Caps at 2 - 2 positions available
Athletic - Caps at 2 - 1 position available

Business - Caps at 2 - 0 positions available

Criminal - Caps at 2 - 1 position available
Culinary - Caps at 2 - 0 positions available

Dance - Caps at 2 - 1 position available

Education - Caps at 4 - 2 positions available
Entertainment - Caps at 2 - 1 position available

Gamer - Caps at 2 - 2 positions available

Intelligence - Caps at 2 - 2 positions available

Journalism - Caps at 2 - 1 position available

Law - Caps at 2 - 1 position available
Law Enforcement - Caps at 4 - 2 positions available

Medical - Caps at 4 - 3 positions available
Military - Caps at 6 - 4 positions available
Music - Caps at 2 - 0 positions available

Natural Scientist - Caps at 2 - 2 positions available

Oceanography - Caps at 2 - 0 positions available

Paranormal - Caps at 2 - 2 positions available
Politics - Caps at 2 - 1 position available

Science - Caps at 2 - 1 position available
Show Business - Caps at 2 - 1 position available
Slacker - Caps at 2 - 1 position available

Once these positions are filled, you are encouraged to take employment with Sim-Owned Businesses, or become your own boss!