Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Erline Valdes

Name:  Erline Valdes
Age:  18, 1989
Formerly From:  none
Personality:  Aries, 5-8-6-3-3
Traits:  Can't Stand Art, Green Thumb, Mean-Spirited
Address:  79 W. Cedar St.
Parents:  Edward and Emerita Valdes
Siblings:  Elmer Valdes (twin)
Partner:  none
Children:  Emilene Maree Valdes
Romantic History:  Ray Wilsonoff (ex-lover), Rashid Cunningham (ex-lover)
Turn Ons:  Fitness/Swimwear
Turn Off:  Hats
Education:  WilTech Community College, (Technical Business Major)
Career:  none
Previous Employment:  none
Aspiration:  Family/Knowledge
Lifetime Want:  Graduate 3 Children from College
Hobby:  Music and Dance
Preferences:  Teal - Paint - Dots

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