Monday, August 10, 2009

Cunningham vs. Masters - October 2007

City Hall - Courthouse
223 W. Magnolia St.
The Honorable Mayor Sabien Cunningham, Sr., Presiding

Case #001 - Cunningham vs. Masters

Issue:  Fight occurred at the Simmington Hills' 25th Anniversary Party held at the JMWise residence on 81 W. Cedar St., Willow County.

Mayor Cunningham is having a conflict of interest trying this case. The law specifically states: $500 - Public Fighting (plus offenders spend two nights in jail.) But his wife is involved. A few Sims, including Tomika, have brought to his attention that the law states, "public fighting". They're taking to issue that this fight was on private property, not out in public. Others laugh at the semantics and want to see the 1st Lady and Cameron Masters sit in jail for two nights. What do you think? Will you be the jury in this case?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

JMWise - October 2007

Maxine is 36, Jacques is 40, Christina is 14, and Charles is 12.

Eager and excited for his band's first gig at The Cage, Jacques picked up Maxsim VanHouten for another practice and audition. It was raining heavily and was very smelly outside the club. Jacques wondered why the club never cleaned up the growing garbage pile out front. They had redone the inside of the club, but not the outside. Don't they smell it? Jacques thought to himself. A huge turnout didn't look too optimistic on this night.