Sunday, March 14, 2010

Summer Internship - June 2008

Sabien, Sr. is 52, Tomika is 52, Rashid is 18, and AV guest, S'Ahmisa Warwick, is 18.

Summer Internship - Part 2 - July 2008
Summer Internship - Part 3 - August 2008

*a not-so-mini-mini update, I hope you enjoy.*

It was the 2nd week of June, and quite a cool, crisp day for summer felt more like spring time outside.  Sabien watched as the beautiful girl descended the stairs in full Kimikurian dress.  He was thrilled to be hosting his first summer internship with such a gifted student. 

As S'Ahmisa stepped off the airplane, she remained very enthusiastic about her 3-month stay in Simmington Hills.  Although the realization of being away from her family swiftly came over her just as the cool breeze blew onto her face.  This was not another family trip.  She was visiting another SUN hood all by herself.

I can't believe I'm meeting Mayor Sabien Cunningham!  S'Ahmisa thought as her heart raced wildly.  Her knees were a little shaky with nerves, and she concentrated intensely on her Geta sandals, trying not to stumble down the stairs in front of the man she's wanting to impress.

"Mayor Cunningham, I'd like to give you this gift from Kimikura on behalf of my parents, Sazo and Sandy Warwick, we think you'll like it alot."  S'Ahmisa nervously handed Sabien the heavy gift.

"Well, thank you, S'Ahmisa!  I'm sure me and my wife will enjoy it very much.  Thank your parents for me.  I can't wait to see what it is!"  Sabien smiled.

"Aren't you going to open it?"  S'Ahmisa smiled anxiously.

"Sure, I can open it now..."  Sabien fumbled with the paper and the pretty red ribbon.

   "It's a gold-plated Kimikurian Tea Set.  The kind they use in the old temples."  S'Ahmisa smiled.  "There's dry tea bags in there also, to revitalize your senses and make you feel refreshed and energetic."

"Oh wow! How beautiful!"  Sabien exclaimed.  He had a luggage handler place the gift in the car, and turned back to S'Ahmisa.

"I hate to rush you, but we're gonna have to hurry and get changed.  We've got a speaking engagement over in Bluewater Village."  Sabien stated.

"That's no problem, I can change quickly.  I've brought a dress, is that too formal?" 

"No, a dress will be fine.  I'm wearing a suit.  Hey, have you ever been to a military base?  We've just opened the one in Bluewater, and I'm excited to see it."  Sabien asked her.

S'Amisa's thoughts flashed back home, and she thought of her boyfriend, Verde Herendez, and his efforts to pass the physical test at Fort Apple's ROTC camp.  Before she left, Verde had shared his intentions to marry S'Ahmisa with her parents.  She was in no way ready to take such a big step.  She was even questioning whether it was best to stay with Verde, since their lives were taking different directions.

Sabien and S'Ahmisa continued their light chit-chat in the towncar all the way home.  (The highlights of the Bluewater speaking engagement have been reported in the Simmington-Times Announcements section.)

Much later, just north of Cunningham Airport on Cedar Street, Tyisha Masters was opening the newspaper to read the events of the day...

"What the heck is this?!?!"  As she sees the picture of this gorgeous girl from out of town, who's living at the same mansion as her boyfriend, Rashid...and he never even told her about it...