Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lars Larsson - Simday 20

31 simyears old

I am happy that Judge Cunningham proposed to renovate the apartment I'm staying in. I really didn't like the way it looked before. Now, it looks bright and cheerful. That's important to me because I work several hours a day at my computer desk doing financial consultations.

I need a bright and cheery space after crunching numbers all day. I do consulting because I love money and I'm good at it. Also, because I need to finance my architect career. Working as a Brick Layer is not enough money to even cover the rent here at Cedar Two Flats. It's expensive. I'm having to pay $1,400 at the end of every period. And today I got hit with a garden maintenance fine of $2,000! My Gosh!...there goes a small chunk of my savings.

I can look forward to being paid 10% of any Larsson Living Home that is purchased here in the Hills. It's a requirement of the law to pay 10 percent down on a home, and The Administration will match this 10% in an escrow account for that property; increasing the value of the home over time.

The 10% payment for the Simday 11 purchase of 99 E. Cedar (The Masters' household) was waiting for me when I got here, and I've heard that two or three more households will be moving don't let my complaining fool you. I'm doing ok for myself. *smiles*

When I'm not working on a house or pushing numbers, I'm a sports nut. I love watching sports on tv and I love basketball. Male or Female pro ball, doesn't matter. When I found out who lived below me, I almost blew a gasket! I'm a HUGE fan of Honey and her pro-basketball career. I've been following her since she left college ball. She is one tough competitor! Not to mention she's hot, too. We got a chance to talk and after I got over being starstruck, I really got to enjoy her sense of humor. I hope Nick didn't mind me talking to her so much. I kinda forgot he was in the room. Somehow, though...I can't picture her, acting. The two careers just don't seem to fit. (She said the same about me...with my finance and architect careers. Although, they match up a little better than what she's doing.) I'll have to take some time and check her out in that soap opera, Suburb Sims. See for myself. Her husband, Nick, is probably a little biased, because he thinks she's great. But, I can't quite picture the #1 Rebounder for the SimCity Llamas playing a sappy character on a soap opera.

I drew up plans for their new home and showed them the details of it, even though it wasn't quite finished. They were completely in love with it. It's small, but they can make it work for them. I was surprised Nick and Honey would want a home this small. They both said its for the best right now. They'll be able to afford mansions later.

Nick invited me down to his sportsbar, Game Time, to meet some people or just watch a game on TV, play some pool, whatever... I needed to get out of this apartment for awhile. I wasn't expecting to meet Starla. Starla Tsang. She was working behind the bar.

We struck up a conversation and hit it off. I didn't really know how to take her at first. She's not what I'm used to, but there's something about her that I like. I wanted to get to know her better.

One day after work, she called me up to invite me on an outing downtown and to meet some of her friends. I couldn't wait to see her again. I had to get out of my work clothes, first. I was mixing cement then. Dirty job. I know they say women like a man in a hardhat, but this was not a good look for first impressions.

Eventually, I got to know Starla well enough to invite her back to my place. We've established a pretty good friendship. I hope to become more than just friends, but I don't want to rush things. I already know she's got a crush on me. I would love to meet some more people, but it seems Simmington Hills doesn't have that many people living here yet.

One thing for sure...I love blondes and Starla's got beautiful hair.