Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ANBachelor - June 2008

Anthony is 42, Nedra is 35, Kendra is 12, and Kent is 4.  Skittles is their female kitten.  :P

*This is a long one*

Anthony Bachelor moved his family to Simmington Hills to help develop the town's military program. It's his job to recruit young cadets that will successfully defend against future militant attacks.  He's already recruited 15 year old Sierra Spencer into the ROTC program. 
Sierra shows real promise and potential.  This is what she's always wanted to do.  Anthony knows it's her determination to step into what her mother, former Military Advisor, Asya Rasmussen, started, and that's what gets her over that wall.  She told Anthony it was important to her to change her mother's legacy, and it touched his heart.

Anthony will be reporting to a highly decorated officer by the name of General Bruce Peterson, who has recently moved here from Apple Valley and lives in Bluewater Village at the Fort Hills Military Base [FHMB] with his wife, Greta.  (See Simmington-Times Headlines.)
Simmington Hills' military program is in its infant stage, and will take years to become the powerful institution Mayor Sabien Cunningham, Sr. hopes for.