Friday, April 30, 2010

Aerial Bionic Concert - June 2008

Aerial Bionic and S'Ahmisa Warwick are visiting from Apple Valley.

After the graduation ceremony, some families had dinner at the fancy Skyline Lounge, other Sims went home to rest, and some Sims changed into more comfortable summer clothes, all for the much-awaited concert of Aerial Bionic's Ursha Tour!  (Tickets were $50/adults and $25/teens and children.)

Rashid made his way to the ticket booth and saw Tyisha waiting there for him to arrive.  At first he was filled with dread, but then he thought about how much he missed their friendship. Could she ever be his BF again?

There she goes with that kiddie stuff...

"Ha, ha...Hey Tyisha." Rashid faked.  He's not feeling it today.  He just graduated and all he wants is S'Ahmisa on his arm; to sit back and enjoy the music with her...and create a memory with her.

What he didn't realize was that he'd pretty much be creating a memory by himself that day...
"We're so glad to be here tonight at the Ithaca Outdoor Concert Stage!  YEAHHH!  *applause*  I'm Trevor Yates...*whistles and applause*  and we'd like to thank you folks for coming out and supporting our music.  We wouldn't be where we are today, if it weren't for our fans...

*more applause erupts*

I'd like to bring out my all know him...Gareth Thayer from New Eden, GIVE IT UP!!

*even more applause*

Simmington Hills....we just want you to know....we've got STONE LOVE for ya!!   STONE LOVE!  HERE WE GO...1, 2, 3!! ...."

*the guitar kicks in and the concert starts.*

S'Ahmisa was overjoyed to see the band from her hometown. It made her less homesick. She knew their music and was quite the fan of Trevor Yates, the lead singer!

"Ooh Rashid, I'm sooo happy I'm here for this!"  S'Ahmisa bounced as Rashid held her.  He wondered if he'd get lucky tonight.

Tyisha looks like she's saying..."Get me away from here, please!"

S'Ahmisa loves the sound of Trevor's voice.  His look and the way he moves...his body is electrifying!  She planned to stare at him all evening!  She's definitely going to get Rashid's money's worth!  - And that...she did.

Terryn Dalton thought SayJ looked like a superstar with his shades on.  She couldn't wait to tell him so.

He thought she looked cute, too, with her hair straightened out.  But he was feeling himself way too much to give her a compliment back.  

(His mommy had bought him a whole new outfit for graduation, to keep in line with his 'rapper' image, ya know...anything her baby what Tomika is all about.  :P)

The Aerial Bionic CDs and merchandise are a hot seller!  Lots of Sims want souvenirs from the concert.  (You can pick some up, too!)

"Will You Wright The Way for me, babyyyyy?!  Just...Wright The Way for meeeeee. I'm not talkin' bout the Eee-Aaaay waaay, I'm talkin' bout the Wright Wayyyy."  Trevor sings.


As the sun was going down, Elmer and Sierra Spencer went and found a quiet place over by the bathrooms; away from the crowd...but they hurried back to their seats so word wouldn't get back to her father, Sergio.

Gosh, she's gonna miss him when he's gone!  But, I'm sure her ROTC military training will keep her busy.

Tomika tells Stacy Masters she thinks they're gonna get a SimGrammy for this album...they're good!!

"That Old Llama Juice, ain't good for ya baby...makes you crazy.  Peddlin' on the street for some change....The Sim Shrink can't help youuuu.  Sim Bunny won't come to youuuuu.."  Trevor serenades in his best falsetto.

S'Ahmisa never sat down.

"Thank ya'll for making this next song #1 on the charts!  We know you've been waiting..."

*The Simmy Hendricks-like guitar licks, set fire to the air!  And the melody makes Sims close their eyes and smile.*

*The crowd stands up and goes crazy!*

"Let me Mystical, Xi, Free, yooouuuuu...Free your mind, girrl!  FREE!  Take you on a Mystical Journeeeeyyy, girrrl. FREE!  You know I can." 

"Can I do that, Simmington Hills?!!"  Trevor yells.

*YEAH!!! Woooohh!!!*

Trevor Yates singles S'Ahmisa out at the end of the night...oh yes, he's been watching the beautiful girl the whole time.  He felt that mic stand up as if he was touching her body, then he came to the edge of the stage to sing the hit straight to her...gyrating his hips slowly from left to right.

She stood in the middle aisle in a trance!  Singing along with him.  Rashid had long given up, and left to go look at the AB merchandise.  The lyrics were too suggestive for him anyways...This concert's for girls, he thought to himself.

S'Ahmisa turned for a moment to go follow him, but when she turned back around and saw Trevor beckoning to her...she stopped in her tracks. 

S'Ahmisa made sure to show her appreciation to Trevor Yates once he jumped down off that stage to meet the Mayor... *shakes head*

Everything ended promptly around 7:30 pm or so...AB had to leave that night for another tour stop;  yet another looong trip ahead of them.

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  1. I LOVED the concert. You are so creative with the lyrics and you made the songs just come to life. I almost choked when Trevor noticed S'Ahmisa. The same thing happened during their first concert, but I didn't pay it any mind. I will have to keep a close eye on those two.

    Poor Rashid, he thought he would get lucky :P Wow, I'm curious what's next with him. I can't wait to see him in university.

  2. What a perfect way to end high school! A kick ass summer concert haha.....S'Ahmisa has more than a crush on Mr. Trevor I think lol. Poor Rashid, oh well he'll be off to university soon anyway :)

  3. OMG! I loved the concert. You did an awesome job! A few of my females like Trevor too! Too bad I didn't let them act on it. Though he did make a B line for Mary. LOL There's just something about that girl. *Shakes head*

    I wonder if anything with strick up with S'Amish and Trevor back in AP? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    Poor Rashid, but there's other fish in the sea. Though, I did think soemthing was going to happen between the two of them since she did kiss him. But you know how girls are. LOL

  4. Oh my God, SayJ! What a little ladies' man!

    Poor Rashid...being ignored for the big rock star. Goodness S'Ahmisa was so bold and apparently rather fickle too!

    You did an awesome job on the concert as well. I liked how they weren't just watching the show - the band were woven in as characters too. More so with Trevor, but really, well done!

  5. Wow, totally kicked butt. The concert was perfect, loved it.

    Ah Rashid, it'll be alright.

  6. Thanks so much, you guys! I really had fun with this one. Not so many problems this time, either. Although I couldn't invite everyone to the concert that I wanted to. Game crashed with so many Sims on the lot. LOL! I hate when that happens!

    SayJ is becoming something of a little monster. He's got grandiose plans of being a superstar one day all he does is write music on that synthesizer of his. He's only 9 yrs. old and gettin' a big-head already! LOL!

    It's amazing that Trevor and S'Ahmisa have chemistry in other games, too! It was incredible how she seemed mesmerized by Trevor. I thought he was smexy too! LOL!

    She and Rashid's sizzle seems to have fizzled out, I hate to say. (I just sent him to college and one of his wants was to have Tyisha come to college. *rolls eyes BIG time*)

    His LTW is to have 20 Dream Dates...I guess he's just trying to test the waters right now. :P

    I betcha my Uni phase is going to be boring as guys have such drama, but I can't see drama happening on my little Maxis campus. hahaha! We'll see how it goes.

  7. Oh! I meant to say, AV, you made the song titles SO cute and funny, I just had to do something with them to make the concert come to life! LOL!

  8. I totally agree with everyone-the concert and the lyrics were awesome! The venue for the concert was really great, did you build it just for this? And you said the game kept crashing, I'm sorry to hear that. But it sure was fun to read about.

  9. Hiya Francesca, I thought I responded to this already? I guess it didn't take for some reason.

    I downloaded this concert venue from MTS2, called "Concert Stage" by Simfred2.

    Naw, I can't build worth nothing unless I use some kind of floorplan...LOL!

    Actually, this lot didn't crash but once...when I tried to invite everybody in the hood. :P Too many Sims on one lot! After I decided which few Sims could attend, the lot played fine for me.