Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stacy Masters - Simday 10

29 simyears old:

I didn't know what to think when I walked up into Red's Diner and saw this "penguin" looking animal standing there. I was looking for Cameron.

The penguin comes up to me and says, "I'm a fool for ever hurting you, so I'm making a fool out of myself to get you back."

Oh my gosh! It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!! He swooped me up with a penguin kiss, and tells me that he's head over heels in love with me.

Well, I married him that night. It's about time Cam' saw me for what I am...a beautiful black queen who's in love with his *ss, from his head to his toes.

I could tell that Cam' was in real need of a woman in his life. His apartment was filthy, he had no food, he was broke all the time, and his place looks like a flashback from the 70s! That's ok, though. It will all get straightened out slowly but surely.

I had to go down to Aldi's and do some serious shopping....not only for food but for a maternity outfit as well. Yep.....we're pregnant!

I expect big things out of life for the both of us. We're two very intelligent Sims, making the right decisions....we shouldn't have to pay our dues and live like paupers forever.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cameron Masters - Simday 10

36 simyears old:

After Sabien and Tomika moved out, I went through a small depression phase. During the hours I had off from work, I would look after their baby, Rashid...I miss him terribly. they're gone, and I need to get a life.

I started longing for a family of my own, but unfortunately, I had blown any chance I had with Stacy Tse. Our relationship was a dramatic series of 'on and off'. We'd be dating for awhile and then, Trinity would come into the picture...then I'd be back with Stacy.

I finally realized that Trinity did not like me in a romantic way, and she never would. Stacy was through with me. I did everything I could to win her back. She was not returning my phone calls. I lost the bet Sabien made with me, so I had to go rent a ridiculous costume, and pray that Stacy would go out with me in it.

The bet was real stupid. Sabien told me that he bet I would mess things up with Stacy because I wasn't over Trinity. I told him no way...Stacy was the perfect mate for me. What did I do? I messed up.

So, there I was trying to get my nerve up to call Stacy - again.

I feel like the biggest fool. But, hey, anything to win back my girl's heart. I called her and after begging and pleading into her answering machine for her to pick up, she finally did, and agreed to meet me at Red's Diner downtown. We didn't stay long.

I fell in love with her that night. She said she was already in love with me; just waiting for me to get some sense. She asked me why would I be so willing to give my heart to someone who had broken it, when all she was trying to do was heal it? That touched my soul.

We came back to my apartment and had dinner, and some much needed 'quality time'. We were so giddy, I asked her to marry me and we got married right then and there!

Stacy moved in with $17,000!! I didn't realize that she got paid like that! She's an Asst. Coach. We were able to put that money into a savings account for a house. I'm so incredibly blessed, and I'm not broke anymore!

To top it all off, we're expecting our first baby!

(feeling on top of the world right now.)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sabien Cunningham, Sr. - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (02/19/07):

Awhile ago, I was visiting Cameron one night...and I made a small bet with him that he would mess things up with his new girl, Stacy. Because he still likes Trinity. Well, of course, he did that very thing. Stacy walked out on him because he ended up trying to score some points with Trinity, who ditched him - AGAIN. It took him nearly 3 days to get Stacy to talk to him. They've made up fact, I've met her and she's a real nice catch for Cam. I hope he hangs onto her.

The bottom line is, he lost that bet...and, I told him if he lost, he would have to wear some weird-looking costume, and try to get Stacy to go out with him while he's wearing it! LOL!

NOTES - Security Advisor - Simday 10

Cdt. Tomika Cunningham, Security Advisor

Older news: My investigation is completed on the mystery woman wearing flame pants. The woman's name is Melissa Fancey, a townie. I actually found her by looking through old Simmington-Times papers. The clues were right there! Once I found her picture, I was able to show it to lots of Sims who ID'd her.

I'm so grateful for the new SHPD (Simmington Hills Police Department). It's really nice! The Hood Council spared no expense and built a wonderful facility.

Because of my boys, who are young, I will not be able to reside there. I will have to hire someone as a resident cop to overlook any prisoners and keep the facility maintained. I've already started accepting applications for the job.

There are only two special circumstances where the Hood would have to bypass its laws in this case:

This particular Immigrant Sim would move into SHPD right away, and not have to move into an apartment first.

This particular Sim would not have to pay the Immigrant Tax. Since this job is an ongoing one, and is also a service to all Simmingtonians.

We need to move on this as soon as possible. I have two Sims that have been sentenced to two nights in jail for fighting. I propose that our next immigration on Simday 11, is for the new resident cop and family.

Tomika Cunningham - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (02/19/07):

Saying goodbye to the old, and hello to the new!

First off, I got a promotion to Cadet! It was my first night back at work since I had Rashid. All day at work, I knew something was bothering me, but I couldn't figure out what. I got home that night and met Sabien down in Cameron's apartment. Cameron had invited Stacy over for us to meet her. They are doing really well...I guess Cam's got Trinity out of his system. Nahhhh...

She and I sat down to play some chess, and a feeling of nausea hit me.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

NOTES - Medical - Simday 5

At the present time, we have had no reported illnesses in Simmington Hills. I plan on opening a clinic within the next two periods (within 10 simdays.)

I realize that construction of a medical facility will have to be voted on by the Administration. Spokes Sim Cunningham is concerned about the costs of things. I'm willing to wait until that time, but we must be mindful that an outbreak of a dangerous virus could hit our town at any time. My suggestion would be to keep the size of the hospital small and simple. We can always build a bigger hospital as the population grows.

I have delivered one baby so far, and that was at the home of Tomika and Sabien Cunningham. I'm grateful that the birth was successful without any problems. If there were ever problems and the mother was not in good shape after delivering, Sims need to have an option of a hospital or clinic to send their loved ones to for some much needed rest and TLC.

I recently gained in my posession a top of the line surgical station that can be used in case of emergency surgery. However, again...I emphasize, I will need a facility to perform the surgery in.

--Trinity Higgins, MD., Medical Advisor

Monday, February 5, 2007

Honey Michels - Simday 5

31 simyears old, (02/05/07):

Ok. So what...I have a bit of a reputation. I consider myself full of talents. I love to act, and I love to flirt. I'm a Romance Sim that enjoys having a good time.

Since I graduated from college, I've become more introspective. I've had to re-evaluate my priorities.

One reason is because I'm a Founder and I don't want to come across as being the town floozy. The other is because I'm in love.

Nick Michels has sank his hooks all into me...and I'm not fighting back. Sometimes I feel very unsure about settling down...and I want to try and see other Sims, but most of the time, I've gotta be honest...I just want to have Nick's babies and raise a family with him.

My girl, Trinity, was trying to step up to Nick, and I had to tell her to look elsewhere. I wasn't having that! My 'playa-playing' days are over! (I hope.) I hope his are too.

Whether we like it or not, we've made a commitment to each other.

I'd be alright if I could get over my fear of marriage.

Another reason I took time to look within myself, was because I had to prioritize my life. I'm not the 'working actress' I had hoped to be by now. Although....I am still looking for roles to audition for. Most of my time is spent playing ball for the SimCity Llamas, Professional Women's Basketball League. We're on tour quite a bit, which sends me away from home. I like having Asya and Trinity upstairs..they can keep an eye on my beautiful apartment for me.

I've had to focus on Athletics and keeping my body toned because I'm in charge of physical fitness here in the Hills. I love exercising!

Trinity just doesn't get it....Nick is not into what you have in your's what you're working with, that gets him going.

Trinity Higgins - Simday 5

31 simyears old, (02/05/07):

Sims have said that I have "sad eyes". I guess they would too, if they had lost their closest friend -all of a sudden with no warning.

My older sister, Infinity, died of a mysterious illness while she was pregnant. She was the only family I had. She had no husband. She was making it on her own...when it happened. She dropped dead holding her throat! I vowed to study medicine to find a cure for this devastating illness.

Asya and Honey offered to take me shopping because for months, the only thing I would wear was my dead sister's maternity outfit. People would stare and gossip because they knew me as a Founder, and they also knew I wasn't pregnant. Cameron kept telling me that my credibility as a competent doctor would come into question if I continued. It wasn't until I visited SimCity with the girls, that I found out what he meant.

Well, me and the girls had a great time shopping. I tried on a few outfits, but settled on a skirt suit that was more professional looking.

I'm rooming with Asya in Apartment 2, at 102 E. Cedar. I LOVE that apartment. With her Military training going on, Asya left most of the decorating up to me. She just didn't have the time. Well, it's totally my style...warm and cozy, with a little 'country' mixed in.

After I got a new hairdo and outfit, I was ready to start dating. I'm kind of ashamed at this, but I rekindled an old attraction for Nick Michels. I ended up losing my virginity to him. I thought that he wanted a relationship, even though he's dating my girl, Honey. But, I was totally wrong.

He gave me the shaft when I tried to see him again. I had no idea he and Honey were THAT serious.

He really upset me. Honey is always talking about seeing other people, and I didn't think Nick would consider settling down with her. He and I could be so great together.

I told Asya what happened and I guess she told Honey. Next thing I knew, Honey was going off on me and telling me how much she loves Nick and "NO, this is not a fling, I proposed to him!" I was heartbroken...all Nick had to do was tell me.

We're all good, though, me and Honey. At least I think we are. I've moved on.

Asya hooked me up with an online dating service called I met Keith Dalton through it. We talked on the phone quite a long, in fact, that we brought in the sunrise a few times. I finally agreed to meet him in person and invited him over to the apartment. I was pleasantly surprised...the man is very good-looking, and aspires for Fortune. I couldn't ask for more. I love an ambitious man!

We had our first date a few days later, at Red's Famous 50s Diner in SimCity, where we ate some delicious ribs. I haven't had that much fun since before my sister died.

Only time will tell where this relationship may lead. But, I'm certainly enjoying the ride!

Asya Rasmussen (Deceased) - Simday 5

31 simyears old, (02/05/07):

I'm on track to becoming the baddest, most heavily trained military officer SimCity has ever seen! The drills are what thrill me the most. But, when I come home, I leave all that stuff at the military base in SimCity. There's definitely a softer side to Asya.

Yeah. I'm talking about my love for Sergio Spencer. Ever since he stood up to all of us in that infamous City Council Meeting. I have had my radar on him. After the meeting, I told him, "I'm gonna make you love me."

I don't know if he does yet, but that doesn't matter. I have plans for us. One night in my kitchen, me and Honey devised a plan to "GET OUR MAN".

So, Honey invited us all over to her place one evening, and after a nice dinner, I proposed to him, and he accepted!

I think Serg realizes that he needs a strong woman in his life. Someone to help him achieve the goals he wants in life. I love him so much.