Monday, December 11, 2006

Nedra Bachelor

Name: Nedra Bachelor (née Ackerman)
Age: 35, 1973 (died by hail, 2008)
Formerly From: none
Personality: Aquarius, 4-4-4-7-6
Traits: Workaholic, Worrywart, Kleptomaniac
Address: 103 E. Cedar St.
Parents: none
Siblings: none
Partner: Anthony Bachelor, 1995
Children: Kendra Bachelor and Kent Bachelor
Romantic History: none
Turn Ons: Hardworker/Custom Hair
Turn Off: Stink
Education: none
Career: Conspiracy Theorist (Paranormal)
Previous Employment: none
Aspiration: Popularity/Family
Lifetime Want: Become the Law
Hobby: Fitness
Preferences: Lawn Green - Wood - Dark

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