Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Edward Valdes

Name:  Edward "Big Boy" Valdes
Age:  45, 1963
Formerly From:  none
Personality:  Taurus, 5-5-3-8-4
Traits:  Loves the Outdoors, Handy, Lucky
Address:  79 W. Cedar St.
Parents:  none
Siblings:  none
Partner:  Emerita Valdes, 1982
Children:  Elmer Valdes and Erline Valdes (twins)
Romantic History:  none
Turn Ons:  Fatness/Cologne
Turn Off:  Stink
Education:  none
Career:  Owner (BBV Motors)
Previous Employment:  none
Aspiration:  Fortune/Family
Lifetime Want:  Own 5 Top Level Businesses
Hobby:  Gaming
Preferences:  Teal - Metal - Shiny

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