Sunday, December 10, 2006

Founder's College Years - Sabien Cunningham

I'm finally here. I have been dreaming of attending SSU since I was a little boy.

It's taken me a minute to decide what major I wanted to study, but I finally decided on Politics. And I HATE it.

This is the most boring subject there is. I'll keep plugging at it, though. My professor says I can always read some cool magazine on the subject and it will spark my interest. Maybe I'll do that.


We had a great tour of the student campus today. I saw a lot of fine young ladies, too.

But, I can't go letting these girls distract me. I have to consider my future.

There was this one chick that reminded me of a girl I knew back home. She's real cute, but I can tell she's not here to study. She laughs too much.


She Walked Right Past Me...
Like she didn't see me! What the...???

I get it...she's trying to play hard to get. That's alright...Tomika can be bougie if she wants to. She will be gotten.

Daaang, I want to spend some time with her. I need to go study anyway, maybe this was a sign. Most of the time, 'Mika acts like she wants to chill with me, but it's usually only when I'm doing something important. Then she gets mad. It's like she's testing me....


Tomika is 'The One'

I'm in love! I knew it before she did.

Tomika is my dream girl. I love to talk to her...among other things. LOL!

She and I have shared so much already. I hope she feels the same way as I do.

Things got a little weird after we, uhhhmm, got intimate....I hope it doesn't change things between us.


I'm Moving

Gotta move into my own place. What the heck was I thinking? I came here totally committed to being the best student I could be, and I end up pushing up on this girl too quickly, and now she's pushing me away.

She says "she can't concentrate..."

Ok. Sabien. Get a grip. I shouldn't be trippin' on her. Neither one of us were doing what we were supposed to be doing.

Where the heck am I gonna get the money to live somewhere else? I have just enough to rent this little shack at 35 Peanut Street, but I don't have enough to furnish it with my necessities. I bought a bed and toilet, but it still needs a shower, a desk and a chair at least, and I've got to have a computer to write my term papers. I can't study at the student library...too many people and too much noise.

Maybe I'll ask Tomika for help, she's all I got.


Working Harder Than...

Seems like all I do is work...if I'm not studying, I'm at the Technical Training Center trying to develop some skills for business, or working at the Deh'Javu Modern Art Museum, Downtown. I'm praying that all this work will pay off. My dream is to earn $100,000. Nevermind that...I've got to pay the rent and be able to eat!

Tomika keeps questioning me if I like her or not....'cause I'm never around. I told her what my goals are, and she says I talk too much about money. "You need to relax, Sabien." Yeah. Ok.

It seems like ever since she sent me that money, she acts like she owns me. I'm not for sale, and I promised her I would pay her back.

A pretty girl sho' can make it hard for a brotha' to come up.


I'm Getting Back on My Feet!
And I owe it all to Tomika!

My place has really turned out nice, despite how small it is. I'm really grateful for everything she's done for me...she even bought me a copy of "Highbrow Review", that political magazine my Professor told me about, to help me gain interest in Politics.

I feel like I might be losing her, though. Lately, she's been giving me the cold shoulder. After our visit today, she finally told me she needed to take a break from 'us'. There's no way I'm letting her leave this relationship like that...I've got to think of something.


She Said Yes!

I did it...I got down on one knee and proposed to my babygirl!

I can't tell you how relieved I am, that she said YES! Now that I feel more at ease about our relationship, I'm gonna stop writing in this here journal until after graduation. I need to devote all my time to my girl, and to my books.


I wrote a letter to the Mayor of Simmerville, Mrs. Eline Shalloe, in hopes that she could give me some pointers on how to lead a community. I hope that she and her Hood Council can help.


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