Sunday, December 10, 2006

Founder's College Years - Tomika Green

I made it to college! Wow....My major is Psychology. I think Psych will help me identify the 'crazies' I'll be going after once I get a job on Simmington Hills' Police Force. My dream has always been to become a Captain Hero. I was inspired by watching CSI:Miami...I love the whole series. It's my favorite tv show.


Well, I've got all my things moved into Landgraab Dorm. My room is located next to the exit/entrance doors. If I step outside my room, I can see who's coming and goin'.

Some of the Senior students took us on a tour of the campus. It was so exciting!

There was this one guy in my tour group that was cute! I wonder where he's from?


That Guy Lives In My Dorm!

Remember that guy I wrote about? Well, he lives in my dorm, about 2 doors down from mine!

His name is Sabien Cunningham. He's reaaaallly nice. I love the way he laughs! He can be a little too serious at times, though. When I wanna go hangout, he would rather stuff his face into some book!

He copped a small attitude with me today because he told me I was acting stuck up. He said I acted like I didn't know him. I did not! I didn't see him standing there! Does he think he's God's gift or what?

(Between you and I......I really did see him there, but I'm not gonna stop and turn around like some puppy dog, when he didn't speak to me! He saw me first!)


I Lost My...
hmmm yeah...

It all happened so fast! Before I knew it, we had gone all the way! I don't regret it, don't get me wrong...but, I wonder will Sabien look at me differently? I'm really diggin' him! I've never felt this way before...I guess 'cause it was my first time.


I got an important Psych test back today...I almost failed it. I really need to re-focus on my books...this guy has totally knocked me off track. It's not his fault...I'm the one to blame.


I Made The Dean's List!

...Made it by the hair of my chinny chin-chin. The only way I could salvage my grades was to have a long talk with Sabien.

We both decided it would be best if he moved out of the dorm. Our grades were suffering, and it started to become too hard to concentrate. He was worried about not having enough money to rent this tiny house he found.

But, I promised him I would help him out. I sent him $1,600 of my scholarship money...but not before I got my hair and nails done. I may be lovestruck, but I'm not stupid! At least he's close by.

I feel like a fool. I hardly know this guy, but my heart is telling me to go for it.

He said he would pay me back, but he's broke just like I am....


I've Decided to Chill...

I'm putting this 'so-called relationship' on hold until I graduate. I've got to take advantage of this opportunity and involve myself in other things. I'm only gonna be in college once, so I might as well make the best of it.

Sabien hardly ever returns my calls, and it feels like I'm being a nuisance to him, so I'm backing off. The only time I ever see him is when he wants to hook up. And, even then...he leaves without saying goodbye.


My Cold Shoulder Worked!!!

I am going to be Mrs. Sabien Cunningham one day!!

I couldn't believe it! Sabien got down on one knee and told me that his whole world opened up when he met me...and he never wanted to let me go. Ohhhhhh!!! It was so sweet! The whole campus is talking about it!

I have decided to put my journal down...yeah, and Sabien both. We are not going to have anymore pity parties on paper. I'll write again sometime after graduation.

Me so happy!!!! *happy dances around her room*


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