Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Amara Raphael

Name:  Amara Raphael (neé Nwosu)
Age:  34, 1974
Formerly From:  CapeSim Town, South Africa (Barb at Simvention Forum)
Personality:  Leo, 4-10-4-4-3
Traits:  Absent-Minded, Good Sense of Humor, Traveler
Parents:  none
Siblings:  none
Partner:  Kofi Raphael, 1999
Children:  Chima Raphael and Ashanti Raphael
Romantic History:  none
Turn Ons:  Logical/Formalwear 
Turn Off:  Fitness
Education:  CapeSim Town University (Art, 3.9)
- File Clerk (Law)
Previous Employement:  none
Aspiration: Fortune/Knowledge
Lifetime Want:  Become Hand of Poseidon
Hobby:  Music & Dance
Preferences:  Razzmatazz - Wax - Floral

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