Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Marchon Cunningham

Name:  Marchon Cunningham
Age:  17, 1991
Formerly From:  none
Personality:  Gemini, 5-7-10-5-5
Traits:  Easily Impressed, Heavy Sleeper, Optimistic
Address:  225 W. Magnolia
Children:  None
Romantic History:  none
Turn Ons:  Glasses/Cleaning
Turn Off:  Brown Hair
Education:  University of Riverdale, (Politics)
CPS, Valedictorian Class of 2008
Career:  none
Previous Employment:  Door to Door Poller (teen Politics)
Aspiration:  Knowledge/Pleasure
Lifetime Want:  Earn $100,000
Hobby:  Sports
Preferences:  Black - Leather - Crowded

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