Sunday, December 10, 2006

Founder's College Years - The "6"

Well, here we are....we call ourselves "The 6."

After Sabien and Tomika had already started Uni, we were recruited in by the University. We were told that we were needed to help start a town called Simmington Hills. The requirement was that we be educated first.

Since we're all sharing this journal...we'll try to introduce you to everyone, one at a time, through some random photos we took on campus:

"I'm Cameron Masters, it's pronounced 'Cam-Ron', but nobody ever says it that way."

"I'm into physics, but my position in Simmington Hills will be the Archive Librarian. I'm the one that will manage the library and maintain the community & residents registry. It's a lot like physics, I have to admit, it's very thought provoking. I'll be keeping up with the historical facts of Simmington Hills, from the ground up. I've been told that it is one of the most important jobs there is.

I'm pretty shy at first, but once a Sim gets to know me...I can be a pretty loyal friend. I love the guys I'm rooming with, they're a bunch of fun. I'm always messing with them. And, I'm looking forward to working with Sabien Cunningham...that's one serious dude. He's all about setting up this government man, and I can totally dig that...I love politics."


"I'm Nick...Nick Michels."

"I guess you can say, I'm the flirt of the group."

---"Nahhh,'re the Ladies' Man", Cameron shouts out Ladies' Man in a mock -Barry White-tone of voice. (Laughter breaks out in the guys group.)

"Well, ok...I'll take that. What can I say? The ladies love me. I've already hooked up with Asya and Honey...

---("Sshhhhshhhshh!!" The guys whisper.)

"Well, they act just like 'fans'. Screaming and moaning for me when I walk past 'em."

---"Honey was having cramps that day, Nick..she wasn't moaning and groaning because of you." Cameron interjects again.

"Man, shut up. Did I disturb your journal interview? NO." Nick rolls his eyes.

So, yeah, I admit I'm a bit of a ladies' man. I guess I've just got it like that. heh-heh. These fellas are just 'haters'. Especially Cameron. He's too busy being 'The Friend'. I'm not trying to be nobody's friend. I'm not a Romance Sim at all, I just kinda act like one. Hey, I'm in college, I'm supposed to have fun.

Besides all that....I have committed to studying Economics, so I can run the business end of Simmington Hills. Negotiating deals is what I'm all about. It works with the ladies, so why not? I've been talking to my man, Sergio. He's got some great ideas about farming...which we'll desperately need in the Hills. Dude don't look like no farmer, but hey, if that's his thing..."


"I'm Sergio Spencer."

"Nick ain't the only one who can get chicks...don't let him fool you. Most of the women I talk to, love to hear that I'm into fine foods. I mean, what woman doesn't like to hear that a man can cook? It's a sensual thing to me. A nice romantic dinner can touch all the 5 senses...sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing."

--"And where does the hearing come into play, Serge?" (Nick and Cameron trying to give Sergio the flux.)

"It comes from the sound of your lips smacking when you eat my food, cause you'll think you're eating your last great meal...that's where it comes in." (Everybody busts out in gut-busting laughter.)

Yeah, I'm gonna be in charge of food distribution in Simmington Hills. I maybe don't look like the farmer type, but I used to farm with my grandparents, when they were alive. It's hard work, and I'm not looking forward to it, but it's where I have to start. I plan to eventually own a restaurant, but I have to put that on the back burner in order to get the Hills up and running. People have to get their groceries from somewhere."


"My name Asya Rasmussen. Pronounced 'Asia', not 'a-SEE-ya'." (She rolls her eyes over at the girls.)

"Some people are just ghetto. Anyway, I'm the pranksta' of this group. A lot of people didn't like me at first 'cuz I was always pulling practical jokes, but now....they can't get enough of Asya. I'm smart, I'm funny, and I'm damn sexy...what is there not to like? I'm studying History in order to establish Simmington Hills' Military Base and Command. Yeah, sexy ain't it? I'm tough like that. It's a high honor. ----Gotta go, this guy wants to talk to me."


"Hi there, I'm Honey Tebo."

"You see I'm scrambling to get this assignment done. I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days, and have fallen behind on my work. I'm taking Drama classes here at SSU. I'm the Actress...well, I hope to be. I want to be a Star!

Most people can't believe how well I can jump into's all for effect. I can touch people's hearts because of my ability to really connect with them and their situation. My parents used to call me a chameleon. I could change personalities at drop of a dime."

--"Yeah, she crazy, that's what that is."

--"As a bedbug." (Asya and Trinity mumble in the background.)

"I'll be in charge of the Athletics program in Simmington Hills, in between my gigs. I guess it's because of my physique. I am well-toned, but I have to be in 'the business'. I like to look good, and I like that guys look at me the way they do."


"I'm Trinity Higgins."

"I'm a cheerleader and at the top of my class. I've been on the Dean's List every single semester. Medicine is my field of study, so I'll be heading up the Medical Program for Simmington Hills.

Most of these Sims around here think I'm stuck up, but I'm just into my books. I don't play with that, and I don't have time for boys, either. Once I graduate, then we'll see. I just want a lot of friends and I want to be popular, which I think I am...but, it's hard when all I do is study, and everyone else wants to go out and have fun."

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