Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bruce Peterson

Name: Bruce Peterson
Age: 36, 1972
Formerly From: Apple Valley
Personality: Sagittarius, 2-3-9-7-4
Traits: Workaholic, Big Spender, No Sense of Humor
Address:  Fort Hills Military Base [FHMB], Bluewater Village Township (Seratoga County)
Parents: none
Siblings: Brandon Peterson (Apple Valley)
Partner: Greta Peterson, 2000
Children: none
Romantic History: none
Turn Ons: Glasses/Black Hair
Turn Off: Stink
Education: none
Career: General (Military)
Previous Employment: none
Aspiration: Popularity/Fortune
Lifetime Want: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends
Hobby: Sports
Preferences: Old Lace - Paper - Damask


  1. I'm fianlly starting on my profiles. Need to work on the pics as well. ;)

  2. Wow, did you know that the link to old lace also links to arsenic. Thought that was creepy.

  3. It links to Arsenic, the color...LOL! Wow, the names they come up with for colors.

    RD, glad to see you back! I'm glad those profiles are coming in the future. Yayy!