Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sergio Spencer - Simday 5

31 simyears old, (01/14/07):

Life is somewhat lonely after college. It's different when you're in a dorm and surrounded by lots of other students. I spend a lot of evenings just watching tv. My desire for cooking has evaded me. I usually throw in a tv dinner or some Ramen noodles and call it a night.

I'm beginning to feel like...maybe I don't like cooking and farming and all that stuff, like I thought I did. Maybe I was just trying to be like my know? Keep their dream alive. Time is too short though...I need to stick with what I have already set my mind to. There's too many people counting on me.

There are two women that I enjoy spending time with, though...when I have the opportunity: Asya Rasmussen, who lives next door and is the Military Advisor. And, a cheerleading student at SSU, named Kimberly Tse. (No relation to Cameron's girl, Stacy.)

Asya is a little more 'out there'. She's uninhibited and goes after what she wants. Kimberly is someone you can take home to Momma.

I can't decide who I like spending time with more. They're both wonderful in different ways.

Kimberly came over for a visit, and we talked the whole night. We're more than just friends. I can feel it. When we kiss, we both just hold each other because the feelings are so intense.

She really seems to get me. I can be myself around her and she laughs at all my jokes. In this picture, I was talking about all the high and mighty attitudes I'm dealing with on the Hood Council.

Asya, on the otherhand. She's hot. When she and I get together, well...we get together, if you know what I mean.

Nick was a little surprised when he caught us in his livingroom....just another example of Asya being 'out there'. She's a bad influence on me. She suggested we go visit Nick, and next thing I knew, we were naked. I know, I know...I wasn't even thinking. It had been a long time since she and I hooked up. I got caught up in the moment.

Sometimes I wonder if she's trying to make Nick jealous. (They used to have a little fling back in college.) She told me she loved me that night, but I just couldn't say it back to her.

I'm afraid to tell Asya what's really on my mind....she's a stone cold trip...and she'll commence to go OFF.


I'm trying to get this agricultural program together. I bought a few plots to grow and sell vegetables from. No one's really buying anything right now. The few plots I have will never be able to cultivate the amounts of produce I need to feed the whole town. What was I thinking?

One day Nick pulled me to the side, when he was returning home from work, and asked me had I thought about purchasing a Business Certificate. I told him no...I would have to get a loan for that. He asked me why was I so hesitant to take out a loan, and I told him point blank, 'I'm not trying to bankrupt myself by making hasty decisions, plus the requirements are too stiff.' I'm going to contact Sabien and see if we can hold a meeting with the other Hood Council members at City Hall within a couple of days to talk about my concerns. I told him that I'm sure my reasons for not taking out a loan at this time, will be made clear.

Sabien called me at home, pretty upset. He backed up what Nick suggested.

He wanted to have the meeting the next morning. And, truthfully, he didn't sound too pleased about it. He's got a new baby at home. Dang, so much stuff on my mind...


Well, the meeting didn't go over so well. There's more details in my Culinary Advisor's NOTES on the Administration and Laws page. Let's just say here, that I'm damn near broke now. And they had the nerve to threaten my position as a Hood Council Member.

I went to the bank with Nick the next morning, simday 5, and took care of all the paperwork. I feel like I've just signed away my life....but I forced a fake smile and stung a slap on his puny shoulder. It almost knocked him over. He knows I'm not happy.

He looks like a damn snake oil salesman. I'm just not liking any of them right now. These people are the only friends I have. I feel like they've all ganged up on me. I only hope that my fears of getting a raw deal out of all this, never comes true. There will be hell to pay.

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