Saturday, January 6, 2007

NOTES - Culinary Advisor - Simday 5

Great concerns are arising. Currently, no Sim is in need of groceries thanks to the Neighborhood Partnership Program. However, that situation will change within the next 5 days. I have been propositioned by Sabien Cunningham and Nick Michels to take out a loan at Bank of America to purchase a Business Certificate and run a full-service Trades store....groceries, clothes, magazines, and maybe even a diner inside it. I have to give this some serious consideration, but there's no time. Construction is already being drawn up.

With my current savings, all I need is $4,400 to purchase the BC, but the bank won't loan out for less than $10,000. With interest, I'd be having to pay back $10,600 within 15 simdays. I didn't have to tell them that I have a lot riding on this. No other Council Member is having to come out of his or her pocket to start any other program! It would be a huge sacrifice on my part if all of this was done out of my personal account, and I was unable to pay back the loan! I can't even fathom the jail time...No, I am not their "good ol' country boy"! This loan benefits the Hood Administration and Bank of America, not me.

Their argument is that I am running a full service business, one that will benefit me and my heirs, none of the other programs are being run like that. What about the Welcome Center Gift Shop? Isn't Sabien getting a profit from that? The whole meeting went quiet. "Our Spokes Sim is allowed certain perks because of the work he does for this town." Nick Michels said. The Hood Administration runs and operates all the other buildings in the hood and no one is profiting from them in a tremendous way. They assured me that with the Better Business Program, I would make the money I needed in order to pay back the loan.

Despite my misgivings, my first priority is the growth in SH's agriculture. I have a responsibility in seeing that our town's agriculture meets the demands that will soon come. I have already purchased 5 plots for growing a few vegetables at my rental home, with permission from the Administration. But, cultivating 5 plots is not nearly enough.

I implored the help of the Hood Council because to me, this should not be a personal loan, this is something that will benefit the entire community, and therefore should be an Administrative expense. However, because my household will be profiting from running this business, they all stood firm that a BC is essential. I was outvoted. The Hood Council assured me that should I decide to take out the loan, they will provide me with any financial assistance needed if I was unable to pay back the loan on time, (as Founders and friends, not as Council Members). And if I don't take out the loan? They told me that I would have 1 simday to come up with an alternative plan that they could all accept. And if that doesn't work? I would be removed from my position immediately. I feel like I have no choice. If I do decide to do this, I will give it my absolute best.

Edited: Nick and I went to the bank this morning to handle all of the paperwork. I got the loan and filled out the application for the Business Certificate.

--Sergio Spencer, Culinary Advisor

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