Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nick Michels - Simday 5

31 simyears old, (01/14/07):

Look at me? What can I say? They love me. I'm not trying to be conceited, I'm just being honest.

My girlfriend, Honey, came over and she wanted to talk about the same old thing...her dreams to win a SimOscar. If you ask me, she's not that great an actress, but I could never tell her that. I think she should concentrate on Athletics, that's her strong suit...I can bounce a penny off that tight stomach of hers...thought I was gonna write something else, didn't ya?! Her butt aint' bad either, though...(chuckles)

I half-listen and laugh to all her stories, and then I say something to her, that just knocks her off her feet, and then she's like jelly in my arms.

I do the same thing with Trinity. Yeah, she's got the hots for me too. I'm the first guy to hook up with her.

She came over to visit me one day, outta the blue, I was shocked to say the least....cause Trinity is kinda frigid if you ask least I thought she was. So, I greet her with the "How ya doing, girl! You look great! Don't just stand there, give me a hug!" And it was alllllll over.

I had to tell her not to mention this to her roomie, Honey. We still go together....but I've always wanted to talk to Trinity. I mean, who didn't? Look at this girl! Trinity was just so standoff-ish in college. But, I'll bring her out of that shell.

As far as Asya goes...she's in love with Serg the Turd. I can tell. She and I used to hook up ALL the time in college, but she was too wild for me. She tried to act like the dude, and I didn't like that.

She and Sergio came over here to visit, next thing I know they hookin' up on my couch! Scared the mess outta me! I'm not for that. Serg so cheap, I guess he didn't want to take her upstairs to his dingy apartment. Naw, he wanna come down here and funky up my place! SOB. I'm real pissed off at him right now. I'm not even gonna go into it.

Asya called me over to her apartment to talk to me about how I treated Sergio in the meeting. She wants me to apologize to him.

She even told me that she really loves him, but that didn't stop her from giving me one last kiss goodbye.


Cameron is my dawg...he needed me to know that he wants to open an account at the bank, he just couldn't afford it yet. I started to give him the money, but I didn't want to make the situation worse. I know it took a lot for him to admit that.

I apologize if my slang offends anyone reading this journal. I usually talk very proper. I have to, in my line of work. But when I'm writing in this journal, surrounded in the comforts of my home, wearing my silk pajamas and sipping on some red wine....I like to chill...unwind and be myself, not Nick the Business Advisor. I'm sure you ladies know what I mean.

I work hard all day. I want to enjoy myself when I get home.

Well, I've got to stop now. I need to go call Tomika Cunningham before I forget. Time really got away from me. I had some trouble down at the bank today that I need her to look into.

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