Wednesday, January 3, 2007

NOTES - Security Advisor - Simday 5

The Need For a Police Station

The new Police Station needs to be built within the next rotation. I have talked to Sabien Cunningham about this matter, and I believe he is in agreement with me. He and the other Administration members assured me that the monies are available and will be allocated to begin construction within simdays 6 through 10.

Nick Michels reported there was a slap fest by two unidentified females that occurred at the bank. I am currently investigating the situation.

Edited: One of the females has been identified by witnesses as Marissa Bendett. She will be fined for the public assault. The other female was described as wearing "flame pants". I'm still actively looking for her.

Only time will tell, when any full-fledged fights will break out. We need to have a jail built before then. It is the only way, I will be able to enforce the laws in Simmington Hills

--Tomika Green-Cunningham, Security Advisor

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