Monday, February 5, 2007

Asya Rasmussen (Deceased) - Simday 5

31 simyears old, (02/05/07):

I'm on track to becoming the baddest, most heavily trained military officer SimCity has ever seen! The drills are what thrill me the most. But, when I come home, I leave all that stuff at the military base in SimCity. There's definitely a softer side to Asya.

Yeah. I'm talking about my love for Sergio Spencer. Ever since he stood up to all of us in that infamous City Council Meeting. I have had my radar on him. After the meeting, I told him, "I'm gonna make you love me."

I don't know if he does yet, but that doesn't matter. I have plans for us. One night in my kitchen, me and Honey devised a plan to "GET OUR MAN".

So, Honey invited us all over to her place one evening, and after a nice dinner, I proposed to him, and he accepted!

I think Serg realizes that he needs a strong woman in his life. Someone to help him achieve the goals he wants in life. I love him so much.

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