Monday, February 5, 2007

Trinity Higgins - Simday 5

31 simyears old, (02/05/07):

Sims have said that I have "sad eyes". I guess they would too, if they had lost their closest friend -all of a sudden with no warning.

My older sister, Infinity, died of a mysterious illness while she was pregnant. She was the only family I had. She had no husband. She was making it on her own...when it happened. She dropped dead holding her throat! I vowed to study medicine to find a cure for this devastating illness.

Asya and Honey offered to take me shopping because for months, the only thing I would wear was my dead sister's maternity outfit. People would stare and gossip because they knew me as a Founder, and they also knew I wasn't pregnant. Cameron kept telling me that my credibility as a competent doctor would come into question if I continued. It wasn't until I visited SimCity with the girls, that I found out what he meant.

Well, me and the girls had a great time shopping. I tried on a few outfits, but settled on a skirt suit that was more professional looking.

I'm rooming with Asya in Apartment 2, at 102 E. Cedar. I LOVE that apartment. With her Military training going on, Asya left most of the decorating up to me. She just didn't have the time. Well, it's totally my style...warm and cozy, with a little 'country' mixed in.

After I got a new hairdo and outfit, I was ready to start dating. I'm kind of ashamed at this, but I rekindled an old attraction for Nick Michels. I ended up losing my virginity to him. I thought that he wanted a relationship, even though he's dating my girl, Honey. But, I was totally wrong.

He gave me the shaft when I tried to see him again. I had no idea he and Honey were THAT serious.

He really upset me. Honey is always talking about seeing other people, and I didn't think Nick would consider settling down with her. He and I could be so great together.

I told Asya what happened and I guess she told Honey. Next thing I knew, Honey was going off on me and telling me how much she loves Nick and "NO, this is not a fling, I proposed to him!" I was heartbroken...all Nick had to do was tell me.

We're all good, though, me and Honey. At least I think we are. I've moved on.

Asya hooked me up with an online dating service called I met Keith Dalton through it. We talked on the phone quite a long, in fact, that we brought in the sunrise a few times. I finally agreed to meet him in person and invited him over to the apartment. I was pleasantly surprised...the man is very good-looking, and aspires for Fortune. I couldn't ask for more. I love an ambitious man!

We had our first date a few days later, at Red's Famous 50s Diner in SimCity, where we ate some delicious ribs. I haven't had that much fun since before my sister died.

Only time will tell where this relationship may lead. But, I'm certainly enjoying the ride!

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