Monday, February 19, 2007

Sabien Cunningham, Sr. - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (02/19/07):

Awhile ago, I was visiting Cameron one night...and I made a small bet with him that he would mess things up with his new girl, Stacy. Because he still likes Trinity. Well, of course, he did that very thing. Stacy walked out on him because he ended up trying to score some points with Trinity, who ditched him - AGAIN. It took him nearly 3 days to get Stacy to talk to him. They've made up fact, I've met her and she's a real nice catch for Cam. I hope he hangs onto her.

The bottom line is, he lost that bet...and, I told him if he lost, he would have to wear some weird-looking costume, and try to get Stacy to go out with him while he's wearing it! LOL!

Isn't that funny? It's too bad I won't be around to see it. 'Mika told me later on that night that she thought she might be pregnant again. When she ran to the toilet a couple of times, I knew it was for real. What a shocker! She just had Rashid not too long ago...he's still an infant! Well, I'm happy, even if I don't sound like it.

I'm just a little stressed about moving. I need to find a nice house for us, but I've got so much going on.


Fast forward. We found a house, and it seems like the day after we moved in...all the plumbing goes out! We only had one working bathroom at the time, and the toilet got clogged up! Then the sink starts spritzing water all over the place! Geeez!

'Mika says, "We need another bathroom, honey", what does she think? Money grows on trees? Well, ...yeah, I guess they do. I've got some.

She just doesn't understand that I feel like I'm being spread too thin. Sure, I knew what it meant when I decided to take on these responsiblities...but, did she realize it? She acts like I'm superman or something. I want her to start doing things cooking dinner on a regular basis. She says she doesn't have anyone to cook dinner for! I had to stop and take a look at that. She's right. I guess I also have to understand that she's been pregnant for most of our adult lives...but, still...I'm upset.

And I'm also upset because she went and got rid of my cats DayDay and Night-Night, without telling me first....Rashid is crying. So now, I gotta go buy some new pets...whatever. I'm so done.

To make matters worse, some SimCity photographers came by to take some pics of us in our new house. We had to make like we were the happiest couple in the world, when we weren't even speaking to each other.

Don't worry, we're all good now. After my second son, Marchon was born, I took a look at my I have two beautiful sons, a wonderful wife, who's a great mother. I love to watch her with them. They are what's keeping me going after a long day's work.

Life is definitely too short to stay mad all the time. Look at how fast my boys are growing up.

I had to wipe the tears from my eyes after their birthdays. I almost missed it, working so much. Tomika's always getting on me to be at home more. I think I should really try. I can't blame her for everything. That may make the difference for us in keeping a happy home.

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