Monday, February 5, 2007

Honey Michels - Simday 5

31 simyears old, (02/05/07):

Ok. So what...I have a bit of a reputation. I consider myself full of talents. I love to act, and I love to flirt. I'm a Romance Sim that enjoys having a good time.

Since I graduated from college, I've become more introspective. I've had to re-evaluate my priorities.

One reason is because I'm a Founder and I don't want to come across as being the town floozy. The other is because I'm in love.

Nick Michels has sank his hooks all into me...and I'm not fighting back. Sometimes I feel very unsure about settling down...and I want to try and see other Sims, but most of the time, I've gotta be honest...I just want to have Nick's babies and raise a family with him.

My girl, Trinity, was trying to step up to Nick, and I had to tell her to look elsewhere. I wasn't having that! My 'playa-playing' days are over! (I hope.) I hope his are too.

Whether we like it or not, we've made a commitment to each other.

I'd be alright if I could get over my fear of marriage.

Another reason I took time to look within myself, was because I had to prioritize my life. I'm not the 'working actress' I had hoped to be by now. Although....I am still looking for roles to audition for. Most of my time is spent playing ball for the SimCity Llamas, Professional Women's Basketball League. We're on tour quite a bit, which sends me away from home. I like having Asya and Trinity upstairs..they can keep an eye on my beautiful apartment for me.

I've had to focus on Athletics and keeping my body toned because I'm in charge of physical fitness here in the Hills. I love exercising!

Trinity just doesn't get it....Nick is not into what you have in your's what you're working with, that gets him going.

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