Tuesday, February 6, 2007

NOTES - Medical - Simday 5

At the present time, we have had no reported illnesses in Simmington Hills. I plan on opening a clinic within the next two periods (within 10 simdays.)

I realize that construction of a medical facility will have to be voted on by the Administration. Spokes Sim Cunningham is concerned about the costs of things. I'm willing to wait until that time, but we must be mindful that an outbreak of a dangerous virus could hit our town at any time. My suggestion would be to keep the size of the hospital small and simple. We can always build a bigger hospital as the population grows.

I have delivered one baby so far, and that was at the home of Tomika and Sabien Cunningham. I'm grateful that the birth was successful without any problems. If there were ever problems and the mother was not in good shape after delivering, Sims need to have an option of a hospital or clinic to send their loved ones to for some much needed rest and TLC.

I recently gained in my posession a top of the line surgical station that can be used in case of emergency surgery. However, again...I emphasize, I will need a facility to perform the surgery in.

--Trinity Higgins, MD., Medical Advisor

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