Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cameron Masters - Simday 10

36 simyears old:

After Sabien and Tomika moved out, I went through a small depression phase. During the hours I had off from work, I would look after their baby, Rashid...I miss him terribly. Well...now they're gone, and I need to get a life.

I started longing for a family of my own, but unfortunately, I had blown any chance I had with Stacy Tse. Our relationship was a dramatic series of 'on and off'. We'd be dating for awhile and then, Trinity would come into the picture...then I'd be back with Stacy.

I finally realized that Trinity did not like me in a romantic way, and she never would. Stacy was through with me. I did everything I could to win her back. She was not returning my phone calls. I lost the bet Sabien made with me, so I had to go rent a ridiculous costume, and pray that Stacy would go out with me in it.

The bet was real stupid. Sabien told me that he bet I would mess things up with Stacy because I wasn't over Trinity. I told him no way...Stacy was the perfect mate for me. What did I do? I messed up.

So, there I was trying to get my nerve up to call Stacy - again.

I feel like the biggest fool. But, hey, anything to win back my girl's heart. I called her and after begging and pleading into her answering machine for her to pick up, she finally did, and agreed to meet me at Red's Diner downtown. We didn't stay long.

I fell in love with her that night. She said she was already in love with me; just waiting for me to get some sense. She asked me why would I be so willing to give my heart to someone who had broken it, when all she was trying to do was heal it? That touched my soul.

We came back to my apartment and had dinner, and some much needed 'quality time'. We were so giddy, I asked her to marry me and we got married right then and there!

Stacy moved in with $17,000!! I didn't realize that she got paid like that! She's an Asst. Coach. We were able to put that money into a savings account for a house. I'm so incredibly blessed, and I'm not broke anymore!

To top it all off, we're expecting our first baby!

(feeling on top of the world right now.)

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