Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DNA Drama - March 2008

Dr. Trinity Dalton is 52, Lt. Tomika Cunningham is 52, Mayor Sabien Cunningham, Sr. is 52, Ray Wilsonoff is 33, Lydia Wilsonoff is 33 and Rashid Cunningham is 18.

"Hi, Trin'.  How are you?  Rough morning, wasn't it?!"  Tomika hugged her old friend tightly; glad that the robbery at the Dalton home wasn't more dangerous than it turned out to be.

"Rough isn't the word.  It took me forever to get out of my driveway...all the cops snooping around for more evidence and SimCity reporters preparing their stories for the morning news.  But hey...we're doing fine.  The twins are a little shaken up, but otherwise, we'll make it." Dr. Trinity Dalton said with a trembling smile.  She was more daunted by the conversation she was about to have with the Cunninghams, than by the disrupted home invasion she encountered this morning.

"Well, this little meeting here has called me away from official Police duty.  Good thing the burglar is already locked up.  But, I'd like to know why we're here.  What's so important?"  Tomika asked while taking her seat; shifting her eyes ever so slightly towards Rashid.  She purposely wore contacts this morning, so he could see she meant business.

Rashid shifted nervously in his seat as Trinity greeted Mayor Cunningham.  Rashid had a feeling that things were about to reach Code Red levels.  Just because he was 18 didn't mean a damn thing when his mother got angry.

"What's wrong, hon?  That sweater causing you to itch?"  Tomika said sarcastically.  She and Sabien knew full well why they were here, but Rashid doesn't know they know.  So she plans on putting on an Oscar-Winning performance today...just to put the fear of The Almighty in him.  Her anger stems from him not being on the up and up with them.  His parents should've never heard about this in the street.  It should've come from him. 

"She's all fired up today, Trin'."  Sabien softly mentions as he hugs Trinity.
"Don't you leave me in here alone with this woman!  I can't handle her by myself."  Trinity whispers with a nervous chuckle.  Sabien chuckled nervously, too.

Trinity had been on the business end of Tomika's wrath simyears before, when she was a suspect in Nick Michels' attempted murder.  She almost lost her mind behind it.  No sir, Trinity did not want to get caught in the middle of Tomika's crossfires today.

"Ok, well I'm not sure where to begin..." Trinity mumbled as she took her seat in front of them.
       --"I made love to Erline Valdes and now she might be pregnant!" Rashid blurted out nervously.  Dr. Dalton looked at Rashid and nodded in an appeasing manner to help compose him. 

"I mean...she is pregnant and I might be the father."  Rashid said, looking down at his hands. 

"You don't even know what making love is, you silly boy! You wasted your first time with a...a...floosy who's playing you! And then you don't even use protection! What do you know about making love!?! Nothing!"  Tomika said trying to stay calm.  But then...she started thinking about every. thing.

"I'm about to show my Oscar-Winning behind up in here, Rashid. You wanna know why? Because your father and I have tried our very best to give you everything you wanted. We've raised you right! We've taught you right from wrong. You think the Butler didn't tell me he had to wash our sheets the night we left you and Marchon home alone? Huh?!  Our bed, Rashid?!  Our bed.  Hmmph.  And then...I caught a case because I was defending you to Cameron.  Damn near messed up our friendship!  Poor Tyisha is too young for all this drama.  That's why she can't go out with you anymore.  Cameron doesn't trust you around his daughter now."

"Just last week, I had to wear a freakin' orange jumpsuit, dammit!...I went and cleaned some strangers' house and their toilet!!!  Your Momma cleaned somebody else's toilet for you, Rashid...(pointing to Rashid, but looking at Trinity) And this boy can't keep it in his pants or put a wrapper on it!"

At this point, it felt like there was no end in sight.  Rashid covered his eyes, praying that all this would be over soon.

"You better get on your damn knees and pray to SimGod with all your might, that you are NOT the father, Rashid, I swear!  Look at me!  You are not ready for this kind of responsiblity, young man...and I'm not about to be dealing with this girl's drama.  I'll tell you that right now!"  Tomika pointed at him, swearing between clinched teeth and half-crying.

"Get the Q-tips, Trinity, or whatever you need!  I'm DONE.  Go on and get this mess over with."  Tomika sat back quickly and angrily wiping her eyes.

Rashid felt like he just got ripped a new one.   He had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach because he didn't realize how much he'd hurt his mother.  How much she'd sacrificed on his behalf. 

Sabien felt for his boy, but decided he would reserve his comments for after the results came back in two months.  He's so glad they don't have to wait a whole simyear after the baby is born to get the DNA results.

Trinity got her gloves and swiped the inside of Rashid's mouth.  And after they left, she waited for "Part Two" to arrive.  Somebody shoot me right now.  She thought.

"Hi Lydia, it's nice to meet you.  Ray...Lydia, I've got to make this quick.  I've got another appointment." Trinity lied.  She was exhausted and couldn't deal with any more conflicts today. 

"I'm assuming you both know why I called you here today?" Trinity asked, looking at Lydia mainly.

"Yes, we're both aware of the situation. Lydia has come here with me today to give me her support." Ray said calmly.  Lydia looked out the window, vaguely.

"Well then, let's get started. The results should come back in two months." Trinity walked towards Ray.

"This isn't going to hurt, is it?" Ray asked.
"Nooo, I'm just going to swipe your mouth and that's it." Trinity said reaching for the gloves.

"Lydia, how are you doing?" Trinity asked as she finished with Ray.

"Ok, I guess..."  The look on Lydia's face spoke volumes of how she must be really feeling.

When she excused herself to the bathroom, Trinity turned to Ray.

"That woman is stressed out, Ray.  You've got a baby coming - potentially two babies coming! - and you need to make sure Lydia stays relaxed. All this drama is not good for her or the baby. Understand?"

"I got it, Doc.  I really don't believe I'm the father of Erline's baby.  What we did was sooo long ago and Rashid's been with her since then.  Lydia knows about it and she means the world to me. I'll do anything to keep the peace...for her and our baby." Ray looked too calm, Trinity thought. She watched as he ushered himself out the door to meet up with Lydia so they could leave.

Trinity sure was glad this meeting was over with.


I think Carla asked me awhile back if I knew who the father is...the answer is 'Yes I do'.  But you guys will have to wait a couple more months in Simtime.  LOL!  


  1. ROFL!!!! Girl, Tomika tore into Rashid. Poor boy. But I have a feeling he'll be more careful in college. An Ray. Ray, Ray, Ray! Look at what you're doing to your wife, man! I feel for all parties involved. And this poor little baby who isn't even here yet making all this mess in many sims lives. *sigh*

  2. Wow, Tomika gave it to Rashid goooooood! I really hope he isn't the father of that girls baby, interestingly I don't want Ray to be the father either (-^), great update!

  3. Oooh, you're such a tease! I'm dying to know who the father is! Whoever the father is, this baby is going to be quite a scandal!

    Tomika really went off on poor Rashid, didn't she?! I do not envy him right now, that's for sure.

  4. RD, yes I think so, too. He's gonna be extra careful in college. He never wants to experience this type of embarassment again. The baby is so innocent, too. It didn't ask to come into this hood... :P

    Hi Mochalisha, thanks for commenting! I share the same sentiments with you. I wish neither one of them had been with Erline. I had plans for all of these Sims, including Erline, and a pregnancy drama wasn't amongst the plans. We'll see what happens.

    Carla, LOL! *tickle-tickle* I am quite the tease, or so I've been told. hehee. I'm hoping things will die down after the baby is born and we find out who the father more scandals for these families for awhile.

    I tried to put myself in Tomika's shoes...well, she IS my self-Sim, and I know that I would show my behind if that was my 18 year old, Rashid was served. LOL! He needs to be accountable for his matter how this all turns out.

  5. Whoa, such a teaser! I want to know what who the father is!