Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mommies To Be - March 2008

I wanted to post the beautiful, glowing pictures of these Moms to Be to show you how they are doing, pregnancy-wise.  After a look at my calendar, I realized we won't see but one of these ladies in a journal update for the birth, and the others not until well after their babies are born.  (I will probably do mini-updates on the births, though.)

Erline Valdes, 3rd Trimester

Kimberly Spencer, 2nd Trimester

Lydia Wilsonoff, 2nd Trimester

Stacy Masters, 2nd Trimester

Viv Everett, 2nd Trimester


  1. Oh, wow, you've got a lot of babies due! Simmington Hills is having a baby boom!

  2. 5 more babies for Simmington Hills. Wow....

    Is Stacy Masters originally a townie? In my came her name was Darcy Lee and she married and had twin boys by another townie. I gave her the same hairstyle. I love that hairstyle on her.

  3. Yes, ma'am, Carla..we're certainly having a baby boom! I love it! I always feel like my hood is so small compared to all you guys! LOL!

    Monique, yes she was a Townie! Cameron met her at The Corner Shoppes downtown. In my game, her name was Stacy Tse. I could never pronounce it, and looked it up on the internet. LOL! It's pronounced SEE, I think. I love that hairstyle on her too. She's worn it for a long time now. What a funny coincidence!

  4. Erilne looks so cute! I'm still giving her a side eye though. Messing so much stuff up! lol

  5. I just shake my head everytime I see Erline. LOL! I can't wait to see her as a mother, though. Maybe my feelings will change towards her.