Monday, November 30, 2009

Bigger, Clearer Pictures, Yayyy!

My journal pictures have been crappy since 2006.  They look great when I take them in-game.  They look great when I post them on different forums, but when I post them here...they turn out horrible.  I hated the jagged edges and the compressed, fuzzy guys know what I'm talking about!  I've asked around but never really got a definitive answer as to what to do.  Maybe I'm the only one that didn't know this, I don't know...LOL!

I think I was posting my pics the wrong way to begin with.  I've been using the Edit HTML tab, and using an IMG code that included a code for whatever height/width numbers I wanted to use.

I was inspired by Sullivan, who I think was experiencing a similar issue in the past with the look of her pics, and now they look fantastic!  I got up this morning, determined to make a change!  ....And today, I found the answer!  And I can't tell you how HAPPY I am!

So for those of you out there, who want bigger, clearer pics...(even if you don't want them as big as mine are...try this and play around with the sizes.)

Here's what I did, and I use Photobucket (free). I also use the updated Editor in Blogger (You can change this under "Settings"):

1.  I changed my Blogger template from "Denim" to "Stretch Denim".  (Everyone I asked before told me to use to Denim, and when I changed to Denim, I still could never get my pics clearer...they must've forgotten to say Stretch.  I tried it today on a whim.)

2.  Go to your Photobucket or whatever picture host you use, and copy the "Direct Link" of your picture.

3.  Under the Compose tab when making a new post, you'll see a picture icon that says, "Insert Image". Click it and choose "Web Address (URL)"

4.  Paste the Direct Link into the Web Address (URL).  You'll see your picture show up in the box, and hit OK.

5.  Now choose "Original Size" and "Center" should already be chosen.  (The Original size for my pics is the standard 600 x 450.)

That's it!

If you have a post that's already been published, and you want to change your I've been doing all day.  Then:

1.  Edit your post.

2.   Click the Compose tab and click on your photo, and 'remove'.

3.  Find your photo in Photobucket, copy the Direct Link.

4.  Paste it in the Web Address (URL) box, the photo pops up...hit OK.

5.  And again, choose "Original Size" or whatever size you want to use.

You can play around with the sizes.  There's small, medium, large, and extra large sizes too. 

I hope this helps somebody that had the same questions I had.



  1. I'm glad you've got your pics all sorted out. Stretch Denim is the layout I'm using too...I think. My sister did it all for me! But my pictures look nicer now mostly because I'm using Gadwin and am no longer uploading to Photobucket. Stretch Denim just lets me have them all nice and big!

    The second part of your post would have come in handy for me when I was relinking all my pictures when I uploaded everything to my new host. I think it would have saved me a step!

  2. I use Gadwin, too. But, as I've re-edited this post a dozen times, you may have missed that I put up there that I might have been posting my pics wrong to begin with. LOL!

    I'm so slow when it comes to this kind of stuff. But, I really like how much better they look now, even with using Photobucket...they're 100% better than they were!

  3. That's what I told you to do. LOL Except for the keep original size, since I used the large option. But I'm glad you got the pics you wanted! *does happy dance* Oh, if you get the time today call me. I can't find your number. :(

  4. I remember you telling me about it, RD...the only problem was, you said use Denim, and I was already using Denim. So, when I'd use that box to choose Web Address (URL) nothing happened. My pics wouldn't change at all. LOL! They could go smaller, but they wouldn't go bigger/clearer. hahaha! I'm glad I finally figured it out, though. *huggles* I've missed you! I called you yesterday; no answer...I figure you been caught by some Pirate ship out there! ROFL!