Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tax Collection - April 2008

Trenton VanHouten, Tax Accessor, is 25.  (If you'd like to read how taxes are collected in The Hills, please read Nick Michels' Business Advisor Notes for Round 2006 - September 2007.)

It's that time of simyear when all Sims must pay 'The Man'.  The tax man, that is...and Trenton knew it was going to be a long night.  Most Sims wouldn't be able to get by his office until the evening time; after work.  He made sure he had plenty of rest and spent some play time with his daughter, True.  He left her in the care of his brothers while he worked in the small office that was built next to the main house.

He was not looking forward to the endless complaints and unnecessary whining Sims would make about having to fork over their hard-earned cash.  He knew that most of these families would have to take out loans to pay him today.  He felt bad for them, but on the otherhand, Trenton knew that he and his brothers would shell out more in taxes than anyone else in Simmington Hills.  So he really didn't want to hear the whining and complaining.  Everybody has to pay up.  Only the Mayor and his family are excluded from paying property taxes.

The Everetts were the first to arrive.

Nervous and a little stressed, Viv Everett chatted on about how successful she and Chuck have become since arriving in The Hills.  They've joined a few clubs and made some great friends.  They've got a pretty nice networth with their at-home fishery business, but not much saved in the bank. They paid $7,000 in total. $3,500 for their taxes and the other half on their mortgage.

Kim Spencer was visibly upset when Trenton told them they owed $15,800. That also includes their mortgage payment on Spencer Farm. She was concerned about the kids still having their college tuitions after this was all over with. But, Sergio just let her have her say. He's learned to not interrupt his pregnant wife when she's speaking.  Plus, she had to blame somebody.  He's just glad it's not him.

The Valdes' arrived with their twins in tow. Erline and Elmer are 18 now and their bank accounts are eligible for taxation at this age.

"We can't spend all our simoleans, Mom. We've still gotta get a crib, a changing table, some diapers..." Erline said in a sing-song way as she counted off numerous nursery items on her fingers. Her baby is due next month and there's no one else to help her but her parents, who are back in debt again after re-opening the car dealership. 

They ended up paying out a total of $11,600.

Honey Michels made a point of telling Trent how she's not working on the show, Suburb Sims, anymore. She and Nick are swamped in debt with no relief in sight.  Nick wished that he could give her the world because it's what she deserves, but poor choices and bad circumstances have prevented them from getting ahead.

The Michels paid out only $1,000 and even that amount is a hardship for this couple.

In total, $125,326 was collected in taxes for Simmington Hills this season.  $62,663 of that was collected from playable Sims.  The other half was figured in for the Townies.

Trenton's detailed records are located in his Tax Accessor Reports.

The highest amount paid was from the TVanHouten family who paid $26,000 in taxes.  No mortgage payment included, because their house was paid for in cash.

The lowest amount paid was from the RLWilsonoff family who paid $63 in taxes.  Ray and Lydia were able to take home a nice $1,400 tax credit, for filing jointly.

All eligible households received a $1,500 tax credit for married couples filing jointly, and a $1,000 tax credit for each dependent.
I'm still trying to figure out how regularly I'm gonna take taxes.  My Sims are incredibly broke.  But, there are still so many ways they can make I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna do this every April, like in real life.  :P 

I must admit, I cheat them each 2 days salary from their jobs because I feel like I don't play them long enough to represent 2 FULL years of working.  If they own their own business, I cheat them twice the amount of the last day's revenue.  hehee.  As if they've been working their business for two simyears without me.

EDIT:  After doing Trenton's detailed records, I realized I had the wrong totals posted.  It's corrected now.


  1. Poor Nick and Honey. I really have a soft spot for the financially struggling Sims.

    I try to ignore salary and stuff like that when I do my taxes. If I start thinking about it too much, my eyes glaze over. Maths, argh!!!

    I do my taxes every four years currently but this'll be the first round where the money is actually going somewhere useful. If I don't get enough, I might change it to once every two years, ie. once a round.

  2. Me too, Carla. I feel for all my financially strapped Sims. :P It's a challenge to play them, though. Makes it more fun and interesting.

    I really try my best to keep the math part simple. But, it's a handful when you're dealing with hood budgets, taxes, AND mortgages. :P And the hood keeps growing...fuhgetaboutit! LOL!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the money Sullivan takes in. I've never had a plan like that. But, I guess my Hood Administration is saving cash for building up Camden Park.

  3. Wow, I don't have a lot of financially strapped sims in AV, maybe I should increase taxes or collect every simyear instead of every four simyears.