Monday, November 23, 2009

CSMasters - April 2008

Cameron Masters is 52, Stacy Masters is 46, Tyisha is 14, and Tyrone is 6.  Prince Cunningham, is their cat.

It was hard for Stacy to get back on track after losing her baby

Of course, it would be hard for anyone to deal with; especially having only two months left before the baby would've been born.

Having the crib in their bedroom was a constant reminder. Cameron realized he needed to get rid of it when Stacy cried out to him that she couldn't take looking at it any more.

He could've kicked himself for not getting it out of there faster, but then again...he was taking things very slowly; not knowing how she would feel if all the baby items they've had, since Tyisha was an infant, were suddenly gone.

"Heyyy hey...It's outta here.  I'm on it right away.  Don't you worry about it, baby.  It's ok." 

She cried even deeper.

"Stacy, I've got your back. You know that don't you?" Cameron asked soothingly.  "Everything will be alright, babe.  You're so beautiful and we're so blessed."

Stacy felt like a failure.  Deep down she knew it wasn't her fault, but she still felt like she let everybody down.

"I feel like I've just gotten what I deserved.  Trying to force us to have one last baby; all that sex...I almost lost you to a heart attack and now I've lost the baby!"  Stacy cried. 

"Look at me, sweetheart. We've been through so much together.  You were there for me and now I'm here for you.  Our kids need us to be strong.  They need to see that you're ok, so that they will be ok.  I love you so much!  Let's count our blessings and get on about the business of doing some great things in this hood."  Cameron looked into her eyes, trying to bring a smile to her lips.

It worked. And although Stacy thought quite often of her miscarriage, her children gave her soooo much love, she didn't have time to be sad.

Tyisha surprised her with the perfect batch of pancakes.

She even watered the plants for her mother, and tended to her pathetic tomato garden. All without being asked to do so.

Tyrone also gave a helping hand. He was a little angel and straightened out his Daddy's albums for her.  Stacking them back into the corner where they belong.

Everyone did their part to help things get back to normal in the Masters household. And Stacy decided she would go right back to work and get back into her routine...that's if Cameron could keep his hands off of her long enough. :P

It thrilled Tyisha when Cameron allowed Rashid to come over while he was at home.  The two aren't allowed to go out together, but Cameron decided that it was ok for them to see each other as long as he or Stacy was there. Tyisha was so glad to see Rashid but still...she couldn't help but throw a little salt his way; jokingly.

"Can you imagine if we sent your story into The Maury Show, Rashid. He could say..."Rashid you ARE the father!" She laughed even though she prayed every night that he's not.

"Tyisha!" Cameron called out in surprise.

"Aww, ok. You got jokes. That's ok. I got that coming." Rashid faked a small chuckle. It wasn't something he was proud of and it certainly wasn't a joking matter. But he was there to clear the air between them all, and if this is what he has to go through to do it, then so be it.

"What's new about you, girl? You look different." Rashid noticed.

" trying to say I'm ugly?" Tyisha joked.

"Naaawww, not at all. I just notice you look different, that's all." Rashid smiled.

"It's no biggie." She lied. "My Dad made me take off all my makeup.  He said I was looking too old for my age." Tyisha unconsiously slid down in her seat a little more.  She hated being treated like a little child and she was afraid Rashid might start seeing her as a little girl and she certainly didn't want that.  He'd already 'done the deed', as the girls called it in school.  That's competition enough.  She'd hate it if he broke up with her again. 

"I like it." He said. And just like that, Tyisha felt 100% better.

When Cam sat down next to them, Rashid and Tyisha shifted in their seats awkwardly.  They were hoping to be able to talk alone about what was going on with them, and the whole 'Erline baby drama'.  Rashid is going to be leaving for college in a few months, and Tyisha wasn't sure when she'd be able to talk to him again privately.

"Yeah, your Mom and I made up." Cameron started.

"I know." Rashid said.

"Yeah, I just had to wave the flag of surrender, you know?" Cameron said laughing. "You guys mean so much to me."

"I just wanted peace, you know?" Cameron said. "Peace all around. It just got too stressful.  I was out of line and you know...I never meant to hurt you or anybody's feelings."

"Yeah...I know Uncle Cam." Rashid said quietly.

Why won't he leave?!  Tyisha thought to herself. She didn't think he would sit there the whole time but he did.  He's being embarassing.  She thought.

Rashid got up to leave.  He realized he's gonna have to put some space in between he and Tyisha for awhile, at least until she grew up a little more or until Uncle Cam let go of his rope a little more.  He hugged them both goodbye and told Tyisha he'd see her at school.

Cameron saw his daughter's face and realized he had overdone it...he'd worn out his welcome.  He didn't want to embarass her, but he also didn't care.  She was his 'Isha-Poo' and always would be.  He suggested they all go outside and wait for Stacy to get home from work.

After Cameron consoled Stacy, it was like he breathed new life into her.  She didn't cry again.  I was really surprised and happy that she was able to move on after that, so quickly. 

This is a very loving family.  Very loving.  They really look after each other.  So it's no surprise that Cameron watches his daughter and Rashid like a hawk.  LOL! But, he's being a little too strict, I believe.  I hope she doesn't act out in rebellion!


  1. Man, Cameron! Poor Tyisha. All she wanted was some alone time with Rashid. I get that her dad is over protective and he doesn't want his little girl to grow up so fast. But man, can't he give her a little bit of space? LOL

    I'm glad Stacy is feeling better and moving on witht he loss of their thrid child. She sould be happy, she had two healthy children so that all one can ask for.

    Why do I think Rashid and Tyisha might take a break for now?

  2. I feel the same way about Tyisha, that's so sad that she never got that alone time to trash things out with Rashid. I guess her dad was trying to do right as a parent, great update :)

  3. I'd watch him like a hawk as well! All that drama!

  4. I didn't know Sims could lose their babies so far into their pregnancies! I've only had it happen in the first trimester. Poor Stacy and Cameron! I'm glad they've been able to focus on other things and move on though.

    How sweet of the kids to help out their mum like that. Just what she needed, I'm sure.

    If I was Cameron I'd be keeping a close eye on Rashid too! I think it's probably best, with a 14 year-old daughter!

    This family is great! Really sweet.

  5. What was funny to me, was trying to write Cameron's chatter with the kids. He's such a shy Sim and nice, so he was really trying to apologize to Rashid the best way he knew how (you gotta remember he used to babysit Rashid as an infant..changed his diapers and all that jazz. So he's truly like a son to him.) He just doesn't trust Rashid anymore. And I can totally understand where he's coming from, too. But I don't think he gives Tyisha enough credit. Maybe I don't! She's a smart girl. A little immature at times with her playfulness, but still very nice and intelligent. We'll see what happens with these two. Rashid is going to give her some air, unbeknownst to Tyisha...they're not breaking up. But, he's getting ready to leave and face a whole 'nother world out there. :P

  6. I feel for Tyisha! I have 3 brothers and no sisters so I know all about the overprotectiveness! I'm glad Cameron was able to help Stacey through couldn't have be an easy thing to deal with.....

  7. Wow...your hood is so intresting! I've only just started reading today but so far I am enjoying it A LOT!