Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ROS for Round 2008

One thing I looked forward to with this new time relevance, was posting random events at the beginning of each round. 

However, I'm not ready for what I rolled...I used the ROS Excel Sheet Apple Valley sent me a long time ago.  She created it to automatically give the scenario, the Sim it's going to happen to, and the number of times something might be needed.  (Thanks Starr!) 

The good news is that several new families are moving into the hood this round!  So, I will have 21 households total.  I figured 30% of those households need some kind of random occurrence happen to them.  That's how I came up with 6.  (21 x 30%).

I know that once I post it here, it's in here it goes!  *sniff*  Be on the lookout in each update!

1.  Death by Hail (Nedra Bachelor)
2.  Unexpected Pregnancy
3.  Kidnapped!
4.  Graduate with honors from your socializing class!  Gain 9 new friends.
5.  Death by Illness 
6.  Being Blackmailed

Two deaths my first time out...I don't know how I'm going do this.


  1. OMG, I don't know what I hate more the deaths or the pregnancy! lol

  2. OMG. two deaths. I think I would have been really tempted to re-roll. That is a lot in one round. The first time I did ROS, I had a death too. But it was Amin Sims and he was a playable non-playable so I didn't care. But since then I have had two other sims die because of ROS.

    Unexpected pregnamcy can be fun. That's how Mindy Schmidt was born. Thanks to ROS, the Crabtrees and the Schmidts are now family.

    I can't wait to read about who is being blackmailed and why.

  3. I definitely hate the deaths. One in particular... *closes mouth before I say too much* But, I'm going to go through with it. Somehow.

    I started to re-roll, but I promised myself I wouldn't do that. I just have to go with it. It's population control, right?! *tries to convince self* I never got over killing Asya Rasmussen for an ROS, I think this is why I'm tripping out so bad.

    Monique, I've gotta get to OA and get caught up, girl. Sorry, I've been MIA. Been so busy lately!

  4. DANG! I never get those things to roll! The most I ever get is stuff like, throw a party or invite family over-boring! I got my first ever death related one for this upcoming round. Gosh, I feel bad about the upcoming deaths-FYI, since my hood is so small, if the ROS tells me something is happening to 2+ members of the same family OR it's the same ROS, then I re-roll :P

  5. Oh, goodness - two deaths! I'm dreading and looking forward to finding out who's going to die. And who's going to have an unexpected pregnancy! Actually, every single one of your ROSs this time could bring the drama - even 9 friends will be quite a challenge!

    I get very sad about killing my Sims but I do try to look at it like population control. But honestly, I think I'd reroll if it came down to killing off one of my real favourites. I think of some of them as "protected". LOL.

  6. Carla *side eyes glare* You can't do that. LOL Man, seriously if I rolled a death ROS for the Mayor's family, I would just have to grit my teeth and do it. I made a promise to myself when I started Riverdale (and Green helps me alot) that I would let my sims lead me and guid me to how they want to live their lives, no matter if I like it or not. And the same goes for my ROS.

    Stiff upper lip and all that. LOL We have to roll with the punches. Okay, I have to but you're free to do what you want. ROFL

  7. AV, you got a death this coming rotation? Oh no!! I can't imagine who it might be! Now, I'm bracing myself for your hood as well. I hope it's not any of my 'relatives'. I do the same as you. I'll re-roll if I get the same thing, or if it's the same family...but these are two different kinds of death, to two different households. So, I went with it. I will say of these deaths won't affect me at all. The other one is going to hurt me. Maybe not ya'll so much, but it will definitely hurt me.

    Carla, I'll take the 9 friends any day! I was gonna cheat that anyways...LOL! That's what the ROS says do!

    RD, with all that spine you got over gonna help me pick up the pieces of my broken heart? LOL!