Friday, April 6, 2007

Asya Rasmussen (Deceased) - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (04/06/07):

I have done everything I can to convince Sergio that I'm the best woman for him, and he still won't marry me. Sure yeah....I proposed and he accepted, but I don't even know why he did!

It's been hard watching Honey bask in the glow of marriage to her playa husband, Nick. She's been getting visitors left and right, and the gifts and well wishes, Oh!...I wish it was me. She's gotten some n-i-i-ice stuff.

I have done everything Serge has asked me, and I even worked that nightmare of a store of his! Stocking up, taking out the trash, seeing that everything was perfect.

I was at that store all day, through the rain and everything... trying to figure out ways to make it run more efficiently. I mean....this is what I do at the Military Base, so I'm highly qualified.

Would YOU like to work in a mess like this? I sure as hell didn't, but I did it, without any lip either.

The biggest idea I had was to promote Joe Carr to Manager, so that Sergio wouldn't have any excuse whatsoever, to not have time for a ceremony.

You'd think he'd appreciate that. Well...He didn't! He thought I went over his authority! He's been pouting about it ever since!

I don't know what to do. I've done everything I could think of...even down to the oldest tricks.... And, I know I'm sexy enough...that's without question.

Lately I've been overhearing him speak in hushed tones over the phone, and whenever I approach him, he hangs up. So...I was thinking that this was it! He's trying to surprise me with a wedding!

I waited and waited, and nothing happened. I started getting real queasy in my stomach, and thought, "I'm stressing out, I can't take this waiting much longer!"

When I started getting sick every morning, I knew this is not the sequence of events he's gonna be hoping for. But, surely Serge will marry me now!

I was hurrying to clean the toilet up, when he suddenly shoved through the bathroom door, screaming at the top of his lungs that I've tried to trap him into marrying me by getting pregnant! I barely had a chance to flush the toilet and rinse my mouth out before he attacked! What was he doing out there, listening to me throw up?!!

I'm like...."Just what are you trying to say, Sergio?"

And, "Hold on - one minute - you bastard! Don't accuse ME of trying to trap're the one trying to make somebody live on a FARM for the rest of their life!"

The arguments have been endless ever since. It's like he all of a sudden grew some... and now he hates me. I've been racking my brain to figure out what could've happened. The only thing I can think of is Nick.

Nick must've told him that we kissed, and now Serge won't even think of marrying me. That JERK!! Ooh! If I could get my hands on Nick right now, it would not be pretty!


The next morning, Simday 8....bright and early, Sergio was waking me up and telling me to pack my stuff. I sat down in the middle of the floor, with my legs crossed indian style, and told him I wasn't budging. He wasn't gonna put me and his baby out in the street.

Then he told me no....we're moving. I pleaded with him that I didn't want to live on no farm, I wanted a nice big house with a swimming pool, so I could get my sexy figure back after I have the baby. And you know what he said? He said he got us a house!

I didn't even have time to put on any clothes! And, super jerk Nick, was out there giving me the evil eye. I stared back at him with a...'you better watch your step, don't know who you're messing with-look.'

I guess Sergio is enjoying his little games with me. Strangely, we drove down to Aldi's and did a U-turn in the parking lot. Serge snickered as the cab pulled up in front of my worst nightmare. Now, I can see why I didn't have to put on any clothes...we only moved across the street!

Cedar Homes, Serge?!! Cedar Homes?!! Why are we renting in these projects? - POP!-

I can't believe he smacked me!

Ok. Maybe he didn't smack me, but it felt like it when I tried to jump into his arms and he wouldn't catch me. Sometimes I starve for some affection from that man. I know we come from two different worlds, and hardly have anything in common, but I could clearly see that he was happy to be able to start a tomato garden, I guess he could tell I was being fake about it, and he dropped me.

Nevertheless, ain't no amount of 'love' or convincing's gonna make me want to live here in these cheap so-called 'homes'. I didn't sign up for this.

He says they're nice, and his main concern is being able to save money for his cruddy farm. Yeah, sure...I got my swimming pool, but this ain't Camden Park!

I'm tired of living like I have to fight for somebody to love me and think I'm sexy....and I sure as hell make too much money to be living in a project. I'm tired of not getting my way, and dealing with these two-bit losers!

So, I bided my time and finally had my baby girl, Sierra. Now, I've got to make my next move...

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