Friday, March 23, 2007

Edward Valdes - Simday 10

30 simyears old, (03/23/07):

My wife and I decided to move our twins to Simmington Hills because it was a brand new town, just starting out. I thought it would be the perfect place to sell cars.

So, we moved into Apartment 2, at 106 E. Cedar. I heard it was the old apartment of the Spokes Sim, Judge Sabien Cunningham and his family. Folks really talk highly of him around here. I guess if I started a town, I'd have a lot of admirers too.

When we walked into the apartment, it looked so cavernous....with all the rocks on the walls. My wife hates it, but I don't really have a problem with's very, what I call, "deco forward". And, it's not like we have a choice right now. I can imagine how they must've had it decorated, with all the money he must make...

We furnished it with the cheapest furniture we could order from SimCity Furniture. I told Rita, sacrifices will be crucial right now, until we can get on our feet. I hooked up the internet and did a search on the new SimCity Bank. I liked what I saw. I immediately made plans to get a loan to purchase a Business Certificate to start my car dealership.

The bank was HUGE. I had trouble figuring out where to go at first.

I got my loan and was able to purchase my car dealership, just in time for lunch upstairs in the bank cafeteria. I met Nick Michels who runs the bank. Interesting fellow, he seems to have a lot of female admirers, even though he's engaged.

I saw his fiance, and she's not much to look at, if you ask me. I saw a couple of nicer looking women eating lunch, that I thought would make a better match.


Later that night, anxiety creeped in. My mind was in overload, thinking of all the crap that could go wrong. Rita was the voice of sanity...she told me everything would be alright.

Our neighbor, Cameron Masters, brought dinner by. After we all ate, I was so grateful for the distraction of the tv, I hadn't even noticed that he had washed up all the dishes! What a great guy!

I went down to the dealership later that night, and made sure everything was set up for opening day the next morning.

This is truly the stuff dreams are made of. Isn't it beautiful? BBV Motors is ready to make its mark!

(BBV stands for Big Boy Valdes, a nickname my old bullies...ehrrrm, I mean my old buddies used to call me in school.)

I can't describe the excitement I felt on opening day....the Sims came out in droves! Everyone wants a car!

I worked all day and into the late hours of the night, before I got home and passed out.

I'm excited for our future. The more money that rolls in, the better cars I can buy for the lot. We're doing really well, I've got 3 terrific employees. We're already at a 5 business rank, with 30 customer loyalty stars, and we just got a good review from that famous SimCity Reporter, Andrew Enriquez.

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