Friday, April 13, 2007

NOTES - Politics - Simday 8

New Bank and Banking Procedure

Simple is better. After a long meeting at City Hall, all of the Founders agreed that the Administration would relinquish it's ownership of Bank of America to allow the Sim City Trust to financially support and manage our bank. Any monies owed by the Administration will be paid out. Any old loans made out under Bank of America will be tossed out and refinanced through the new bank. The bank will still be ran by Nick Michels.

After Sergio Spencer's much publicized disagreement with the loan procedures, many complaints were filed about the Individual Account System being the only method used by the bank. Sims wanted a more hands-on way to deal with their finances. They brought their grievances to City Hall.

**It will no longer be necessary to open an Individual Account.**

Mr. Michels worked hard to find an alternative for us. He made a deal with SimModBoard and Sim City Trust. So, as of Simday 8, Sim City Bank is taking over Bank of America. The old Bank of America building will be demolished, the cost of that property will be liquidated into the Administrative Budget, and a new and bigger building will be erected. The building may actually be too big for our small neighborhood, but I like to think that we will grow into it.

Some folks opted that we move the bank to a totally different location, so it would not overshadow our wonderful City Hall. I'm all in favor of that, but I don't want it to be too far away from City Hall, seeing as I have a lot Admin. business to conduct. I've decided to have it built right before the curve in the road on West Magnolia, at 221 W. Magnolia.

The Council agreed.

From now on, any Sim, Settled-In or Immigrating, can gain a bank account right away. Therefore, they can get loans and BC's without waiting 5 simdays. They can take out loans according to what they can afford, and pay it back in 25 simdays. There are repercussions with the RepoMan if they can't pay back their debts. The bank book and credit card both keep track of all your banking transactions.

Edit: After touring the new bank, I see that it has a wonderfully large Personnel Conference Room, where all of the Founders can meet for regular Council Meetings. I move that we hold our future meetings there, and the current conference room inside City Hall should be changed to a chapel for couples to marry. The cost for marriages at City Hall will be $500. That same room can also be used for press conferences, if needed.

Cedar Homes Project

The Cedar Homes Project is the answer to affordable homes for families/couples desiring the privacy and space of living in their own home, and the affordablity of a subsidized rental property. Located in the Cedar Flats area, the rent is only *$192 per Adult, per day. Children and Teens is *$96, per day. The rent is due on the 5th simday before 6 pm. *See Simday 5 Notes for any questions. The Apartment Life deal signed during 4th Period (Simdays 16-20) does not change this rental agreement.

REVISED: June 2008 - Round 2008. The new time relevance requires a change to the rent on Cedar Homes properties. The NEW subsidized rental rate is based on the *old rates shown above and the new two-year rotation.

Cedar Homes rent is $6,912/per household, to be paid every two simyears, regardless of how many Sims are in the household. [The formula is: 192 + 96 = 288 x 12(mos. in a year) = 3,456 x 2(simyears each rotation) = $6,912.]

The rent breaks down to $288/month; an extremely affordable rate for the comforts of a private home.

Renting at Cedar Homes: (Revised Simday 26)

-Yards are to be kept up by the tenants. A fine will be incurred every 5th simday, if the yard is overgrown with weeds, any stray/owned dogs dig holes, garbage is left out, and shrubs need trimming. (Revised Simday 25: having leaves will no longer be fined, and fines are incurred at the end of every rotation, due to new Time Relevance system.)

-You may beautify your landscaping. This includes being able to add swimming pools.
-You can hire a gardener to take care of your landscaping/gardens. At your cost.
-Changes cannot be made to the exterior walls of these buildings, unless you've been given permission by the Administration.
-You may paint the interior walls, and change the floors. At your cost.
-Sims can live here for only 14 consecutive simdays. (7 simyears) 
(Revised Simday 26)  There is no longer a time limit on how long a Sim lives in Cedar Homes.

--Sabien Cunningham, Spokes Sim

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