Monday, April 16, 2007

Trinity Higgins - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (04/16/07):

What a week! It started off with the opening of Simmington Hills Medical Center. I'm very proud of it.

Sabien worked real hard to follow through on his promise to provide adequate health care for all of our sitizens. Not a moment too soon, either. As you all know, Nick Michels was poisoned Simday 9. It must've been fate looking out for him, as I was visiting he and Honey on that dreadful night. I was able to get him to the hospital fast!

I have never stopped loving Nick, even though he made his choice clear enough to me...I didn't want to believe that he and Honey could really be happy together. But, having dinner with them, and rekindling our friendship, really helped me see that they were meant for each other. I told Honey that I was genuinely happy for them...and had vowed in my heart to move on from that moment.

In the next brief moment, all of that was tested after Nick collapsed. I felt as if my world was about to end. It was all I could do to keep from hugging and kissing him as he slept in his hospital room. I couldn't believe the magnitude of my emotions as I watched him sleep. It was as if every conviction I had about leaving him alone, just a few minutes earlier, had disappeared.

I knew then, that I had a serious problem. I had to let my love and respect for Honey, her unborn child...anything I could summon up, give me some balance on the situation. I was the doctor...not the wife, or the lover. And nothing I was feeling could compare to what Honey was going through. I could hear her screaming and praying all the way downstairs in the hospital lobby area. I had to tell her to take it easy...she needs to be strong for the little one she's carrying inside her. The whole night gave me a new appreciation for love and relationships. Honey and I have never been closer. She comes by for a morning cup of coffee with me before I go to work...well, in her case, she has juice.

I've been able to truly apologize to her for my behavior, and I believe we've become tight friends again.

She keeps edging me on towards Keith Dalton. (smiles) He's a wonderful man, and he has been the most supportive to me during this stressful week!

We had a bad rainstorm and I got leak in my kitchen ceiling that was dripping down onto the countertops, making a mess...

Keith dropped everything to come over and patch it up for me. He even brought spackle and paint. It wasn't long before I began feeling for him...he's contagious! After he left, I found this sitting on my television...

A poetic loveletter! Well, that just took me over the edge! I was ready to take the relationship to the next level. I desperately need to break that intimate bond I have with Nick. Soul ties....can be a bitch. I've never been with anyone else.

I got my bedroom ready....lit up an intoxicating incense, and put on my sexiest outfit. Then I made my little late night know the kind I'm talking about! LOL!

When Keith got here, we spent about an hour kissing and talking outside before we realized that time had passed. We fell in love.

It was an incredible night.

So much so that I proposed engagement to him and asked him to move in.

Gawwd, he's gorgeous! And he's the Vice President of Sim City Furniture. A VP...I told you I love an ambitious man.

I hope to have a huge wedding.

(...closes this journal before I start to freak - I'm 10 YEARS OLDER than this guy! - If this is a dream, I reaaalllly don't wanna wake up.)

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