Friday, April 6, 2007

Sergio Spencer - Simday 10

36 simyears old, (04/06/07):

I've got to take hold of my dreams before they get away from me. I used to be so driven. Since I moved Asya into my apartment, I've noticed myself drifting even further away from what I really want in life. It actually started before I moved her in, she's just taken the reigns and flew with them. She wants to do what she wants to do, and forget anybody else. I don't even like her anymore. She's still got a thang for Nick, and she's playing me.

Me and Nick had an interesting conversation, while we were raking leaves...he told me that he had gone to visit Asya at her old apartment, and let's just say, things got a little out of hand. He said they kissed, but knowing Asya, they went further than that. And, he won't tell me that...oh nooo...he doesn't want me to kick his *ss because he's --loong overdue.

He and I haven't been on the greatest of terms since our big blowup. I don't know why he tells me this now....I guess he let it slip or he was just feeling comfortable, since we're talking again...and wanted me to know. I feel like a fool, really.

Everybody around here has the hots for someone other than who they're with. Trinity, even though she's a doctor, ain't got one bit of sense. She can't see that Nick doesn't want her, he just wants to get with her. I tell you, that guy is a snake.

Now, my world has changed because Asya's pregnant. I've gotten in way over my head. I should've just broken it off with her when I had the chance. She thinks she's gonna just trap me into marrying her. I would be sealing my fate in hell, if I did that.

All we do is argue about nothing. Or we argue about me wanting to run a farm. You tell she gonna marry the 'Agriculture guy' and not live on a farm? Stupid!! Does she think I'm the biggest wuss in all of Willow County? Does she think her stuff is that good?

I had to think fast. A baby is coming and I need to start learning how to care for a garden. I've been so 'laxed while living in these apartments.

Asya keeps yapping about moving and getting a pool....she's all about the lavish lifestyle, while I'm more worried about how I'm gonna keep my store afloat.....there's no way I'm taking on a mortgage with her in tow. She'll drain us dry! Nooo, it's not gonna be a permanent situation, darling. I went and applied for Cedar Homes. I knew she'd hate it. It's the best alternative for me, I said ME. I've got to start thinking 'bout myself. Oh yeah...the baby, too.

She gets her da*n pool, and I get the space to work on growing a tomato garden. It's already started paying off, I'm a silver badge gardener, now. And, it's right down the block from Aldi's. I could ride a bike there.

Asya wanted to get all mad about living she's too good. Anything with "affordable" stamped on it, she's too good for. Hah!

Yeah...I can feel myself getting back into the groove. I feel my grandparents watching over me, and they're gonna be proud of me one day soon.


Hey, you ever wonder what happened with an old flame? Lately, that's all I've been thinking about. I wonder what happened to that pretty little thing, Kimberly, from school.

I've tried calling her, but I don't have her new number. I don't day, she just popped into my head, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about her. I've been calling around and yep, I found out she's still in school. I finally hunted her down, though.

We've been talking almost everyday.

It was like we never stopped talking to each other. I have to be careful because Asya is like the nosiest person I've ever met. I hope to see Kimberly soon.

It's a shame to be a Family Sim and have never been in love. I'm serious! I locked in on my want to fall in love back in my Sophomore year in college, and it has never happened for me. I know I've got to get Asya out of my life. And, I plan on doing that after she has my baby. Maybe then I can find true love and happiness ---and my dream farm. ((smiles))

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