Friday, April 13, 2007

Nick Michels - Simday 8

34 simyears old, (04/13/07):

Since I last wrote in my journal, a lot of things have changed. Things I never thought would happen....have happened.

I went from being a dog, to being a husband. It was like I had changed overnight! I can't deny that Honey makes me feel good. She knows how to treat a man. Forget all those other chicks...Honey's my girl. We're pretty freakin' happy, too! So, ladies don't hate.

The thing is...the bank is running so wonderfully. There haven't been any complaints.

Lord knows, I'm grateful for that, and my girl is moving up in rank on her professional basketball team...everything is going so well. Why not get married? We're not getting any younger, I told Honey, and if she wants to have any children, we need to plan it while she's on vacation.

At first she freaked out, then

[Due to the unfortunate poisoning of Nick Michels, we have posted only what he was able to finish in his journal. We certainly hope that he gets better soon.] --Cameron Masters, Archive Librarian

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