Saturday, April 14, 2007

NOTES - Politics - Simday 10

Money Well Spent

This period, we are seeing SH take on a whole different look. It's growing! We have built several new buildings, especially along Magnolia Street. A new hospital and also a cemetery. But, the most exciting news is that we have two new fun spots to visit! Ice skating and roller skating rinks! Our new Homemaker Advisor, Emerita Valdes, did a lot of negotiating with the SimCity Neighborhood Partnership Planners to see that SH had some fun places to go with their families. So, we thank her.

Our budget is not strong enough on it's own yet (just not enough income coming in), and I refuse to raise taxes at this point...Sims are struggling as it is.

We had to get another infusion of cash ($700,000) from SimCity Trust. The NPP allows for it as long as we need it, and as long as our town has less than 50 residents.

I will probably institute a business tax of some sort, aside from the Employee Hiring Tax...being that there are new businesses in the area, and the Hood needs help. This of course, would need to be voted on.

--Judge Sabien Cunningham, Spokes Sim

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