Saturday, December 5, 2009

CPE - April 2008

Maxine Wise, is 37, Charles Wise is 12, Sabien Cunningham "SayJ", Jr. is 9, Terris Dalton is 9, Terryn Dalton is 9, Emely Blair is 9, Shaun Spencer is 5, and Tyrone Masters is 4.  (Frank Mulner, Janitor/NPC, is 38). 

See previous school sessions HERE.

The Janitor, Frank Mulner, arrived at school early to make sure the school year's last few sessions would end without a hitch.

The halls were mopped, the water fountains cleaned out, the trash disposed; everything was in its proper place and ready for the spirited primary students to burst through the doors at any moment. 

The kids were ready for school to be over with and for summer to begin.  So were the adults...

Maxine Wise ends her 2nd simyear with a fuller class than usual. 

It was decided over Spring Break that students from Bluewater Village Township and other outlying areas would be able to attend Simmington Hills' prestigious private schools, if they wanted to.  Their parents are required to pay the same $1,000 tuition fee each school year as everyone else.

Left to right:  (On floor) Shaun Spencer, Tyrone Masters, Emely Blair.  (Seated) Charles Wise, Sabien Cunningham, Jr., Terryn Dalton, and Terris Dalton.  (Standing)  Tessa Ramirez, Isaiah Gavigan, Gabriella Newson, Skylar Garth, Chandler Platz, and Maxine Wise.

Emely Blair's mom, Donna, failed to send Emely's tuition check, once again.  Maxine explained to the pouty little red-head that everything was in good condition for her to finish the school year with the other students, but she was skeptical if the check would clear once she got it.

Some kids introduced themselves to the new students, and some of them caught up with their old friends and talked about what they did over Spring Break.

"Hey Chandler, did you see that new Sci-Fi movie, The Chronicles of Humanity: Titans?!  It was AWESOME!  There was all these lasers shooting from spaceships and the entire MOON blew up!!"  Skylar shouted.


The school bell rings and the children quietly file past their lockers into the classroom.

Maxine noted how impressed the kids were with their new, larger classroom, and she was quite pleased.  The changes were subtle but the kids noticed right away.  The Administration had dispersed simoleans to the Board of Education for some school renovations.

Before the students got too unruly, she had to keep them focused on the task at hand; knowing they wanted to explore everything.  They retrieved their textbooks and finally got settled into their seats.

"Ok, everyone open your books to page 45.  We're going to read the chapter on Scrubbing Bubbles: How to Properly Clean Surfaces.  This is to prevent dust mites and germs from building up on your countertops at home."  Maxine announced to the class.

This was the first time the teacher didn't have to force anyone to pay attention.  They all read quietly at their desks.  It must be the new room, she smiled.

By the time the afternoon class ended, Maxine and her students were a bit more relaxed and ready to take a break from all the studying.

Around this time, Frank Mulner exits the quiet confines of his office to make lunch for the kids in the cafeteria.  He's been told by Maxine, one too many times, that he 'looks a bit too creepy' to hang out in the open, so he stays hidden in his office most of the day to appease her.  He can't afford to lose his job.

Maxine watches her kids like a hawk, and from the table she stretches her neck to make sure Frank doesn't bother trouble-maker, Chandler Platz; who goes to the refrigerator despite Maxine telling him not to.

I can't wait to get out of this kiddie school.  Charles thought to himself.  I hate to hear them talk.

Maxine shoots a glance over at her son and sees his face.  She immediately knows what he's thinking... 

It's gonna be an adjustment for both of them next simyear...not having her youngest attending CPE, they'll be apart for the first time.  He must be feeling the same way.  Charles has always been closer to her sister, Lydia, but lately he's become closer to Maxine since Lydia moved out and got married.  Aww, he's gonna miss his Momma.  Maxine smiled to herself.

See ya next simyear, CPE!

Charles Wise passes the requirements to move on to CPS next Fall.

Weak ending, I know...that's all I had, sorry.  I ran out of brain juice.  LOL!  It's hard making something out of nothing.  But, I try.


  1. Love the new school renovations, looks like the kids do as well. Who is the janitor, does he live in SH?

  2. Love the way your school is so clean. CPE looks great.

  3. Glad you guys like the new school. Thanks! *waves at Tam*

    AV, the janitor is Frank Mulner who actually lives in a house at 96 E. Cedar St., next door to NHMichels. He's a non-playable playable, as they say...and technically owns both schools, which are community lots now. But the Hood Administration actually owns them. :P

    I got him from MTS2/enriquemt0, Javier Bardem is his name. He played in the movie, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". I don't usually play with Sims with mask-like looking faces like his, but he looked so weird to me, and I thought he'd be perfect as my school janitor. I was really too lazy to make my own Sim...LOL!

    Remember, CPS used to be residential when I had Maxine and her family living there? Now that she lives in her own home, she's able to have a life outside of school. LOL!

    Camden Park Elem. is a carbon copy of CPS, but I made some changes to both of them to make them a little different from each other.

  4. Your school looks great! I love it.

    Ha, poor Charles. And poor Maxine - her son isn't as much of a mama's boy as she assumes!

  5. Charles isn't thinking about missing his mom, he's thinking about the freedom he will gain. LOL And all the girls he can meet. Silly mom!

    OMG, that janitor is creepy looking. He looks like a terminator. ROFL